Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quick Reminder

If you are participating in a school talent show, make sure you practice!
Bye Bye.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trivia Time!!!!

Hi. Time to play another game.

Jesus's Story
An act-out play for home, and church special events.

You will need the following things:

1. Five friends.
2. Props such as walking staffs, bulging knapsacks,stick
horses, and a chocolate or plastic gold coin.
3. Long, colored robes, scarfs, knit hats, and brown sandals.
4. A script. (If you don't already know the story, I suggest you read that part in the bible.)

If you are running short, let's say, and you want to read it now, I will tell you the story here:

Long ago, in Egypt, there was and injured man lying on the ground. Some robbers had attacked the man and no one was around. Then, a priest walked along. He looked at the man on the ground, but didn't help him. Then a temple worker came along. Again, he didn't do anything. Finally, a good Samaritan came along. He bandaged the man's wounds and took him to an inn. He gave the innkeeper money to take care of the injured man.

The End

Well actually, no.
I want to ask you something.

Who treated the man right?

The Good Samaritan!! 
Click this link.


The "injured" man may want to lie against a brown pile of towels to stand as "rocks."

When bandaging, wrap randomly.

If you are either the priest, or the temple worker, stop and look at the "man" for about ten seconds, then proceed to walking behind the curtain. 

Well, that is all. Goodbye.