Sunday, November 7, 2010


Okay, so today I finished reading a really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really crazy book. It is by the one and only (thankfully), Pseudonymous Bosch. 

The book is called "This isn't What It Looks Like". The main characters are Cassandra (Cass), Max-Ernest, and Yoji (Yo-Yoji.) 

They are all twelve and Cass is adopted. This book follows the previous one. Check out this guy's books. They are nice! Anyway, at the end of the previous book, Cass has eaten the Time Travel Chocolate and fallen into a coma. The three kids belonged to the secret Terces Society. Their enemy was the Midnight Sun (another society except and a very bad one.) The founder of Midnight Sun was named Lord Pharaoh. 

When Cass "falls asleep", the chocolate she ate took her back 500 years into the past. Her journey is to find the jester and the Terces Society's founder, and Cass's relative. She also has to find the secret, avoid Lord Pharaoh, and return home. 

Meanwhile, in real life Max-Ernest has to face the new sneaky secretary, fight the two youngest members of the Midnight Sun, Benjamin and Amber. With Yo-Yoji in Japan, it's just Max-Ernest and the two sly kids at the nuts table. Their just trouble, or are they? Hmmm.

Back in time, she has found the jester, and Lord Pharaoh has captured her, and forced her to give him the last remaining pieces of Time Travel Chocolate. I think you know what happens next. It has something to do with the future and the evil Lord Pharaoh.  You should really read the book, I promise you will enjoy it.

Friday, November 5, 2010


 Yesterday night I had a girl scout meeting. We met at an ambulance station and a EMT worker who worked there showed us around the station. We had fun. She showed us the inside of an ambulance. We saw all the different types of bandages, gauze, medicine and other stuff. We all got "souvenirs" from the ambulance. I got a thick gauze sheet for stopping blood and pus and body fluids from coming out more. 

We went to the ambulance station to earn a medical badge.  My mommy took me to the ambulance station and we met the troop there. I haven't earned a badge yet, let alone a girl scout vest (I didn't want the sash) to wear. Because I'm new to the whole thing. We learned that there are different types of bandages.

The worker also showed us a stethoscope. It was green. Each one of us got to try it out for ourselves. I have my own gray stethoscope at home. I don't like all the earwax and gook on the earpieces because that's just plain gross.

We haven't started selling cookies yet.

God helps us and makes us feel better when we are down. He helps heal our wounds and the specific ones too. He makes us happy.

Friday, October 8, 2010



I am not my hair.
This hair is something else. Every single day I have to go through with my Mommy* combing and brushing out tangled hair. I want to go see that really funny new movie called "Tangled."
*My mother has a website of her own. A FOODIES ALLERGY JOURNAL. It's about food allergies and recipes and stuff.

Good hair means curls and waves
Bad hair means you look like a slave
At the turn of the century
Its time for us to redefine who we are.

Does the way I wear my hair make me a better person?
Does the way I wear my hair make me a better friend? 
Does the way I wear my hair determine my integrity?
I am expressing my creativity.
If I wanna where it braided
All down my back
I don't see what's wrong with that.
 Lyrics by, Indie Arie
I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am not your expectations.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.
This is the first and greatest commandment.
And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.
Matthew 22:34-40


Friday, September 24, 2010

Off Topic!

And now a message from our author:
Now if your a boy, you might think this blog is to "girly" because of it's color. Welllll..........
Just because something's pretty and pink doesn't mean lame or dull! Why don't you try ignoring the colors and actually reading the blog. You might actually like it.
Now, I know that you girls might probably love this blog because of it's colors. Welllll...........
You should not love something just because of it's looks! Read the blog. Then determine if you love it or not.
Post your thoughts in the post box below.

Jesus did not save us because of our looks. He did it because he loved us!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Alright, so I'm feeling hyper right now so why don't we have a contest?
Let's test your math skills!

If you post the answers in the posting box, you might win! Absolutely nothing!
I'll post the answers, so check back soon!

Math Test

If you don't like math, try this.

A cowboy rode into town on Friday. He stayed for two days, then left on Friday. How'd he do it?

Okay, the answer is..........................................His horse's name was Friday!

createbeast11 you are correct!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun Games!

Hi! I'm back! 
Would you like to play:

Blind Old Man

You will need:

  • 5 players
  • a blindfold (optional)
  • a scorekeeper (each person gets a turn to be blind)

First, pick a person to be the blind old man.
Next, all the other players must get to a corner of the room.
Now, the "old man" closes his eyes. (Use a blindfold if you want.)
All the kids around the"old man" must walk around in a circle. The middle person must spin the other way. Do this for 10 seconds.
Now, the"old man" must walk to up to each person and try to identify them. "He" will get 2 points for each correct guess.
Each person gets a turn, and that way, at the end of all 5 games, the person with the most points wins!
Have Fun!

Jesus helped people who were blind. He helped make them see.
Saul was a bad man. So while Saul was on his way to kill some more people, Jesus blinded him. Jesus was up in Heaven so Saul did not see this coming. Saul decided to be good. After some time, his eyesight returned. Saul changed his name to Paul.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welcome, Everyone.

Hi, I'm Priya. I run this blog called Christian Radio Kids. I am, of course, Christian.

I blog often, but sometimes I may wait a little bit before posting something new, so don't worry if I haven't posted something new in a while. I'll tell you if CRK is coming to a close.