Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Do you like Poker? I do.
Oh okay, I haven't actually played Poker before, but I like the name.

I think we'll play another game. How bout'

Okay, here we go!

  1. Who is yellow, wears the first color of the rainbow, and is as clueless as a pot of honey?
  2. Who has bad grammar, and the same name as one of the Spy Kids?
  3. Who is the dorky kid who writes diaries and is usually shown as a stick figure?
  4. Who is clever, black and white, and has a giant grin?

Okay, answer soon! Bye!


I love animals.

This is a guessing game.

  1. What has a large body, part of the horse family, and when you go to the zoo they usually shows you their butt?
  2. This animal is furry and soft, and fond of being slick. It can usually be found behind the sofa or with a ruined toy.
  3. What moves sleek and trots, it's legs almost never touching the ground?
Okay, answer these and you may or may not win a $1,000,000 and a picture of a baby sleeping!!

Yeah, probably not.

Don't forget to answer the questions!!!!!!!!

Answer This Question

On his dinner table, the Penguin had 5 fish. He ate all 5, but still had 5 left. How is this possible?

Hint: The Penguin had a blue felt-tipped marker on his desk. The answer is also very silly. If you spend all day on this, you might want to clear your mind and go relax. This is very easy.

It is not:

  1. Because he had more fish.
  2. He ripped the fish in tiny pieces.
  3. He caught more fish.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Facebook Ruins Friendships

I have recently been using Facebook to talk to my "friend" but mostly to play Pet Society. Well, while I was playing Facebook, my "friend" who shall remain anonymous popped up in chat mode and I clicked on the button, only to accidentally x out of chat mode. It took me about 20 seconds to get back on chat. She took it personally and thought I was lying because on her computer it said I was still on Facebook!;(

Anyway I got another message from her mother telling me to stop being rude to her daughter or she would tell my mother.

I was so mad! These girls are sooooo dramatic. (Ugh!)

I tried to relax. I told my dad, only to make him angry.
Not only that, but my Facebook "friend" defriended me. I'm going to go get some juice.