Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Pictures of Our Vacation and Other Stuff

 Shells I found at Manhattan Beach.  The chipped shells are some of my favorites. But if you look closely you can see the Sand Dollar.  It was dead but they do move when they are alive and they eat plankton.

This is a picture of my great grand mother. She looks like me. Oh, boy.

Yummy cheese cake I ate at Whole Foods.  It was really good I ate so much I couldn't finish

It is hard to see from this distance but this is the Castle at Disneyland lit up at night. We went inside the castle and it was Aurora's castle.

This is a play area for kids at San Francisco Airport.

Souvenirs from Disneyland, They are magnets.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Naren the Transformer Fan

I tried to video tape an interview with my brother, but the video shows up as a picture, so I will do an interview here. Today's interview has a guest star!



P: Priya
N: Naren
M: Mommy

We begin.

P: I understand you have many more Transformer items that are not in this picture, correct?
N: (nods his head.)
P: You have to say something.
N: Yep.
P: What Transformer items do you have, books, hats, DVDs, etc.
N: Backpacks...
N: And toys.
P: What kinds of Transformers do you have?
N:Warpath, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, and that not-transforming Bumblebee.
P: Do you like the Autobots or the Decepticons better?
N: I like the Autobots better.
P: Why?
N: Because they're my favorite kind of transformer.
P: Have you seen the old Transformer movie?
N: I've seen the cartoon movie.
P: That's what I'm talking about.
P: Is Daddy a Transformer fan, too?
N: Um... yes.
P: What are you doing?
N Huh-heh, HAH HAH HAH (pants like a dog, breathes in and out like an asthmatic and spits out by accident.
M: (Comes in, sees spit.) What is that stuff on Priya's desk?
P: Spit.
M: Why are you spitting, Naren?
N: Because I can't stop!
M: Put on some clothes.

Well, that concludes our interview.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Um, Let's See

So, my vacation to California was awesome. I picked shells on Manhattan Beach, visited my dad's parents, went to Disneyland, and visited Neel and his adorable and chubby little baby sister Maya.

My vacation was good, but the trouble started as soon as we got to the Los Angeles airport. Yousee, we planned to take a plane from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and a plane from there to home. But there was air traffic, and our first flight was like, 30-60 minutes late. 

After waiting we got on the plane with no problem (my UNCLE got of a plane at LAX just as our plane pulled away! My uncle lives in Missouri!) There was a lot of turbulance while we were on the plane, so it was a little bumpy. On the plane, our ears were popping and the flight attendant had this horrible cheesiness on her face. My dad sprained his ankle and had it laying out in the aisle.

Her (with a smile and a giggle with NO sarcasm.): Sir, are you trying to hurt somebody?

Dad: I have a sprained ankle. (He removes his ankle from the aisle.)

Mom: His ankle is sore. 

Her (with a smile and a giggle with NO sarcasm.): No, no. Leave your ankle out there if it's sore. I'll just hop over it. It'll be good exercise for me. My daily exercise. Go on.

Dad: Um, no, that's okay.

Her (with a smile and a giggle with NO sarcasm.): Okay, then. Suit yourself! Hee Hee! (She walks 

Dad: Um...

Anyway, after we got off the flight we hurried, and hurried and hurried...

Only to find out the connecting flight  had already left at 4:50, and it was around 5:20. Thank you United Airlines, for your sorry excuse of a schedule. We found out from a woman in line behind us for customer service help that she, too had missed the flight, and had been walking around the airport looking for the correct gate. The employees had been giving her incorrect information! Uh, I now hate United. I LOVE SouthWest Airlines. They just, well, get you there. Now, my brother is running out of gluten and dairy free food and my my mom can't eat a lot of what's here since she can't have sugar.

My parents say we have a NEW plane plan.

Old Plane Plan

Los Angeles - San Francisco - Home

New Plane Plan

San Francisco - New Jersey - Home

My parents received food tickets. We walked to a chain of Japanese restaurants.I got California rolls with chopsticks. My dad...

Oh, my dad just sat down and hurt his injured ankle. OUCH! I hope it feels better soon. 

As I was saying, my dad got Miso soup, some veggies, and some noodles with imitation crab. I had some of his food.

After we ate, we walked to a new gate. next to it there is a children's play area. I found two "office" cubes near our seats, and now, I, Priya, am typing this post from an airport cubicle. Today is so weird.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Planes, Food, and Music


I'm at the airport right now with my family, and the flight leaves in about 30 minutes! I can't wait! First we came to the airport and parked our car. Then we got out our many bags and suitcases and waited at the Shuttle stop, got on, and rode with a few other families for about two minutes the airport entrance.

After we got off the shuttle bus, we took our things and checked in. We went through security, took the underground subway, and started taking pictures. Then we went to get some food. As we ate, we watched other planes back up and take off. When we were done, we got up and walked to the gate (my little brother and I took the moving walkway, and ended up farther than we should have! Luckily, my dad had followed us. He was confused. He said, "Wait, where are we?"). My mom just watched the whole thing, laughing and shaking her head.

Now we are all sitting in the seats at the gate. I'm listening to this iPod my dad bought in 2000 and blogging on my laptop, my mother is watching knitting videos on the iPad, my brother is doing something, I think eating crackers, and my dad is listening to music and taking photos on his camera.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Steak Chart

I LOVE medium rare steak. My mom will go out and buy, let's say, three organic steaks. She will cook one medium rare (dad), one medium (me), and one well done (mom and Naren.)

I actually do not agree with the last sentence of the "Well done" section. It says, "Waste of a good steak." Steak does not have to be cooked raw. Someone made it cool. It DOES taste good, but eating a Blue rare  is probably dangerous for your health. Medium rare is a bit better to eat, if you like to eat pinkish, juicy meat. Besides, Blue rare steak is ridiculous. It's almost completely raw steak.

Before about a month ago, my mom would cook me, my brother, and herself a Well done steak. I do not like Well done steak as much as I like Medium rare steak. I like Medium rare steak very much.

I always ask my dad for slices of his juicy steak, and he always gives me them, but my mom thinks I might get sick eating a partially raw steak. That's why she won't let me eat sushi. Just wait until she hears about the Blue rare steak!

So my mom really noticed how much I loved the rich meat and started cooking my steaks Medium. They are only a little bit tougher the Medium rare steak, although I still eat some of that, too.

The steak I get looks something like this, although I think this steak is a Medium rare, and not a Medium. Sometimes she cooks it Medium well.

Happy Eating!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Naren's Birthday!

Today is my little brother's birthday! He is turning six! Today, he brought goody bags for his kindergarten class. When he got home, mommy  took him to the park and he scored 56 baskets! 111 points! Athletic prodigy.

Then they picked me up from school. When we got home, while I prepared my brother presents, mommy took Naren downstairs to make a cherry smoothie. It tasted good. While he watched TV, I got a brown paper bag.

I gave him:

The result? A very excited face. He even loved the books. I did too, when I was younger. After I gave him his gifts, we read the first chapter of The Absent Author, acted out Spongebob's Bubble Blowing Technique, played basketball, and made a rubber band ball. We had fun.

Later we all played board games.