Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rock-N-Roll McDonald's

I like this place a lot. When on vacation to Illinois, we stopped here. The Rock-N-Roll McDonald's is a tourist attraction, and very popular. Click here to learn more.They even serve gelato!! My favorite is Pistachio.
This food is really unhealthy, so we don't eat it a lot, but I love fries sooo much!


When my mother was a kid, she had many cats. 
More than one, is all I have to say.

Well, apparently her apartment had mice, and one of her her cats who was supposed to catch the mice, I think it was Toy Toy, yeah she was always PLAYING with the mice. So, my grandma got angry and told the cat to kill the mice, not play with them, so-

I'm going to stop here and finish the story in the next post because we were talking about food, and the next few things I'm gonna say might make you barf if you have a weak stomach. So bye.


Do you guys know what the channel Qubo is? There are few shows on there and the popularity isn't so good, but I like to watch things like Jacob Two-Two and The Mysteries Of Alfred Hedgehog. ONe of the shows, is Shelldon. The teaser for it is hilariously funny, though there is no HD. Skip to 0:21. Sorry if it keeps stopping.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

So these are little pets to keep you occupied from aBowman.

These pets aren't customized, but feel free to put them on your iGoogle page.

Soooo, if you wanna know more about animals, click here.

Bunnies/ Puppies/ Kittens/ Hamsters/ Guinea Pigs/ Frogs

I want a bunny but I am allergic to them. Also,


I want a pet, but all I have are African Dwarf Frogs.

Well, frog. The female frog killed the male frog.

Some frogs are small.

While others are disturbingly large.

This scares me greatly.

Lets get back to Ponies, Rainbows, and Unicorns shall we!?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Math Challenge!

I challenge you to solve these two math problems.

This is for my math friends or anyone else to solve.  To my Turkish friends I will use a translator for you. 

Merhaba ben çok minnettar olacaktır dışarı Bana bu sorunları anlamaya yardımcı olabilir arkadaş. 
Teşekkürler, Priya ABD

Answer the problems below. 

Place your answer in comments.

Place your answer in comments.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

True Jackson VP

True Jackson VP is a very funny show, with three main characters!

True, a girl who lands herself a job in a New York fashion design office with a very famous but fun boss, Max Madigan. Her office is very hip, with all sorts of colors. Lulu and Ryan are always breaking things or causing chaos in the office. She often cracks very odd stories about her family at very odd moments, often about her dad being a coward.

Lulu, a very smart girl who loves math with her boyfriend Mikey J, a worry wart. She gets distracted easily, once by blinds on True's office window. She is really silly, sometimes even clueless. Lulu likes to go to parties and have fun. She once bought part of a stock because the name sounded funny, and she made a lot of money, leaving Amanda Cantwell, a bossy employee who is True's main enemy, in distress

Ryan, is True's destructive friend who always says things that make him sound like he works there when he really doesn't, saying "Oscar take my calls."  (Oscar the receptionist) "You don't have any calls." "Answer my meetings." (Oscar the receptionist) "You don't go to meetings." When he's not breaking windows or tearing up furniture, he's trying to act cool and usually never is seen as cool.

I'll be back with more later! In the meantime, enjoy this True Jackson VP episode from Nickelodeon!

This episode is about the sophomores getting little buddy, Ryan with a little troublemaker who leads Ryan into detention and other mishaps, True with a quiet  girl who doesn't talk much, and Lulu with a grown woman who is going back to school, see 2:36.

Note: The actor who plays Nate (Ryan's little buddy) is also a antagonist in That's So Raven, often making Cory his victim. 

Kennywood/Chinese Food

We were out of town for a few days visiting my aunt, uncle and cousin and while there we had the chance to visit Kennywood with them. It was so much fun I went on many roller coasters, such as the Sky Rocket,

It was my fave!

The Phantom's Revenge was by far the worst. I didn't go on the Pittfall,

The Phantom's Revenge

The main video stops at 4:34.

I also loved the Thunderbolt.


The last roller coaster I went on was the Turtle.


I also loved the Volcano, a farris wheel gone wrong.


It's a bit long, so feel free to stop it at any time.

Another fast ride is the Bayern Curve.

I also went to Kiddieland, and saw something creepy.
This is Laffing Sal, the creepy laughing doll all around America.

I am not responsible for any screaming fits, tantrums, or panic attacks these pictures causes you.


These things are creepy.

Yay Kennywood! Hope to go again next year when we visit aunt Riya, uncle Arjun and my big cousin Seetha.

Illusions 2

Step back please.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bento Time!!!!

Okay, so please respond if you:
  • Have tried Bento and liked it.
  • Have always wanted to try Bento.
  • Have just heard about it from me.
  • Have tried Bento and loved it.
  • Have tried Bento and hated it.
  • Don't know what it is.
This is a picture of  a traditional Bento Box (I do not own any of Wikipedia's posts.)

Sometimes, Japanese parents will shape their children's lunches into a Nintendo DS , or a panda bear family, mostly cartoon characters or a other things such as a spray bottle (With the hand on it!)

The one with the hand on it.

DS shaped.

All In The Family (Get the joke? Yah whatever!)

Some are creepy.

Some are cute.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation Bible School


Today we went to Vacation Bible School at our church.
We discussed the Good Samaritan story, and watched a short video about it, as a crime scene investigation, with mugshots.

Afterwards we ate grape and pineapple popsicles. The pineapple was very good. I got kind of sticky though.

After the story of the Good Samaritan the teacher had us write nice letters to people who needed a good samaritan. We had to pick from a list of names and I chose someone named Bernadine Jones.  I wrote her a nice letter and I drew a picture of me in the letter.

Vacation Bible School is fun because there is lot's of food to eat, music and lot's of games.  And you learn stories from the Bible.

Book Reviews, By Priya 2#

Bonus Material
How to Make Cascarones

Confetti Girl, By Diana López

No Spoilers!! (This means I will not tell you anything that will spoil the book for you if you have not read it)>

Brief Summary 

Confetti Girl is about Apolonia "Lina" Flores, a sixth grader who loves sports, and socks and who lives in Texas.  Her mother died recently and her dad is a bibliophile, which is someone who loves books. The Flores' do not have a T.V., just a house full of books. 

Lina seems to have Mexican Heritage, as well as her best friend, Vanessa Cantu. I assume this because of many Mexican phrases and holidays that they celebrate, like the Day of The Dead, after Halloween. The holiday celebrates their dead ancestors. 

Vanessa's mother Mrs. Cantu, is obsessed with making Cascarones. 

and since Vanessa's mother is divorced, Vanessa has to hear a lot of her complaining.  Mrs. Cantu likes soap operas, and watches them when she's not turning her house into a Cascarone factory. She usually wears rags and doesn't have a job outside of the house, but she sells her Cascarones for money. 

Lina likes a boy named Luis, who has a speech problem and is considered a nerd at school. Lina likes him, and he likes her back. Lina is overly tall for her age, and a boy named Jason who absolutely despises her teases her about it, as well as Luis for his speech problem.  

Lina's friend Vanessa likes Carlos, and has been secretly dating him behind her mother's back. Lina feels Vanessa is using her just so she can go on a date with Carlos without Mrs. Cantu or Mr. Flores knowing. 

When Lina's English grades start to drop, she has to quit her volleyball team and catch up in class. Her English teacher assigns her to the school counselor, but that still doesn't help Lina get better. While being grounded by her father, Vanessa still manages to get her out of her grounding easier by having them go to the movies, and the girls know Lina's father wouldn't act mean in front of Vanessa's mother. 

One day, Mrs. Cantu falls down in the kitchen and breaks her leg. While in the hospital waiting room, Lina remembers the day her mother died, in that same hospital.  Lina goes to the bathroom and cries, thinking about her mother. Mrs. Cantu's broken leg has a cast on, but she was alive and well. 

Lina's dad helps her do things she can't do because of her cast, such as fetch her Avon order, get groceries, and even sometimes cook her dinner.

Vanessa gets tired of her mother complaining about her father and visits one of the dating websites. She finds a guy called Silver Fox, and since the profile picture is of a very handsome guy, Vanessa and Lina write poems, pretending to be from the "Silver Fox". But when she and Carlos go shopping for supplies for a project in Target, they see the same picture of the guy Vanessa saw on the website. She tells Lina that some nerd put a picture of a male model up as his profile picture.  But Mrs. Cantu seems more interested in Lina's dad.

Lina starts to worry that Mrs. Cantu and her dad might get married. They have been spending a lot of time together lately, and she even took him out for calamari! In the end, she really wanted him to be in a play at Lina's school. They all cracked eggs on each others heads. The whole house fluttered with confetti everywhere.

Okay guys, thanks for reading. Confetti Girl is one of the poll choices at the bottom of my blog so don't forget the vote!

Monday, July 11, 2011




This song is one of those songs that's just naturally loud.

The actual song starts at 0:57

Spencer's Weird Pranks

Hahahahaha! So did you see the iCarly episode iPrank War? It was HILARIOUS.

Check out my playlist on the sidebar. 

Frying Chicken Nuggets and Home Fries

Disclaimer:  Do not attempt to try this at home if you are a minor. 
These nuggets are mainly for my little brother who is allergic to wheat and milk and eggs.  My mom said she gets really tired of cooking two separate meals so she makes us eat my brother's allergy free food all the time.  That's okay mostly especially when she cooks things like chicken nuggets and home fries for lunch.  But some things I don't like.  Like his spaghetti or his bread.  

My father suggested to my mom that I begin helping her cook.   So this is me helping.  I asked my mom if we could cook one of my favorite dishes this week and she said yes.  So visit me again to see what I will be cooking.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top 5 Gross List

Grossology Facts 
From Grossology And You,
By Sylvia Branzei 

5. Have you ever eaten blood? No? Are you sure? What about Blood Sausage. Or Blood Pudding, which is enjoyed by some people in Europe. It is sweetened and baked blood from a pig or cow. How about blood bread? It's bread soaked in blood, then fried and it's quite tasty.
Unless of course it's over fried. Then it's kind of like eating scabs. Eeeuuw!

4. Maggots Love Rotting Meat. Before there were antibiotics, Maggots were sometimes used to clean up pus-filled wounds. Munch, munch. All Clean! Warning rotting meat link is grossly gross but really interesting.

3. In 1793, a French girl was born with one eye in the center of her forehead. Her one eye worked just fine for fifteen years until sadly she died.

2.Most people pass gas or fart about 14 times a day. That's about 98 times a week.  And around 392 times a month.  A fart is gas escaping from your backside.  The gas comes from bacteria breaking down food in your intestine. Sometimes it isn't your tummy that you hear rumbling or gurgling. It's your intestines, and that sound is called borborygmi, a.k.a. gut opera.

1. Egyptian mummies in museums are all brainless. To help preserve the bodies, the brains were removed. Long hooks were used to pull the brains out through the nose.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3 New Monitors In One Day!

So my father got 3 new monitors yesterday. He is going to use them as one big screen. It's called infinity and he has four monitors now, including his work one, though he only has two computers. 
The whole point of the big monitor set-up was to be able to play games at high definition. His games are now huge! Now I got Daddy's old game monitor! It's huge! YEAH! 

This is dad's old monitor that he gave me. 

But anyway, everyone in my house has a computer except my little brother because he broke his. 

You see, when my Grandma was here last year, my mother, and little brother and Grandma went to a toy store while I was at school. They saw a toy tool set. My brother got it. Then, my Grandma said something that ruined the whole thing, "Now, deary, you can fix your computer!" Well, it sank into his head, and a few days later when I was in my room playing UNO with my Grandma, we heard banging sounds coming from my brother's room. We figured he was just banging toy screws from another tool set that I had as a baby. 

The banging grew louder. I walked into his room and jumped. His monitor was a blur of lines and colors! It was making strange sounds! A very expensive monitor gone, in only a few weeks worth! It was a computer my father had built for him, he built most of the computers in the house, but he is not going to build my brother another computer for a while.

Here is a picture of the three monitors together.  My little brother was playing this racing game. 

Just Dance!

I love the Wii video game Just Dance. We played it AT SCHOOL before Christmas Vacation. BEST DAY EVER! (Next to the last day of school and the carnival). It was fun. My fourth grade class played against the other fourth grade class. I went against Jennifer. She picked the song. Bebe, by Divine Brown.

Here is a brief part of the song me and Jennifer used.

I don't have a Wii, and I don't really want one. I want a puppy or a kitten!