Friday, September 21, 2012

Let's Read

My little brother is in Kindergarten, and will be starting first grade next year. He has been reading since he was about four.

Recently my mom ordered the first 16 Magic Tree House books from the bookstore.

My brother has been reading them, and so far he has gotten through 1 book, Dinosaurs Before Dark. According to Naren, the book is about two siblings named Jack and Annie.

My mother first found out about them when she saw a "Fact Tracker" at his school's book fair. She wanted to find the fictional novel that went with the Fact Tracker. It tells you on the cover.

When I was small, I read a few of the books too, but my favorite series was Beverly Cleary's fictional novels, such as the ones about Ramona.

My teachers are always encouraging students in my class to READ! So grab a good book, a place to sit, and read!