Saturday, June 30, 2012

Warnings At Waverly Academy

Nancy Drew Warnings at Waverly Academy PC Game
Title: Warnings At Waverly Academy
Date Released: October 2009
Creators: HER Interactive
Ages: 10 to Adult

Not Scary      Mild      Bit Intense      Scary      


It's time for Nancy Drew to go to school. But not just any school. An all - girls boarding school that is being terrorized by "The Black Cat", an unknown girl at the school who sends threatening notes to other girls in Ramsey Hall. The first note is a warning. After you get the second note, though, something bad happens to you.

The principal of the school was tired of girls getting sick and injured, so she calls in Nancy Drew to uncover the catty claws.

Under the name of Becca Sawyer, the young sleuth investigates the school while hearing juicy gossip, mean notes, and catty girls.

Characters (All of these characters are in the running for valedictorian.)

Izzy Romero: The Queen Bee of the school, Izzy is intelligent, pretty, and manipulative. She loves to gossip and make others feel bad. Izzy thinks she knows who the black cat is. The question is... is she right? The first time she meets her, Izzy takes advantage of Nancy, although she is nicer to her in the rest of the game. Since she lives in Ramsey Hall, she is in the running for valedictorian. Izzy shares a room with Leela, who she is friends with. Izzy can be a good resource if you need facts about other girls.

Mel Corbalis: Mel is a goth who just doesn't care what people think of her. She was automatically accepted into Waverly Academy because she comes from a long line of alumnae. She is considered a weirdo by everyone but her friend, Corine. Mel doesn't care about the black cat stuff, and wishes the other girls would stop acting so concerned. Mel used to share a room with a girl named Megan, but Megan got sick from nuts in her dinner after she received a note from the black cat, and had to go home.

Rachel Hubbard: One of the biggest social outcasts in Ramsey Hall, Rachel is two - faced and forgetful. One minute she'll know who you are, and the next she won't. Rachel has gotten black cat notes, just like everyone else.Three weeks ago, Rachel almost had the title of valedictorian, but then she failed a test, Now, the only way for her to ever be able to be valedictorian is for all the other girls to fail a test. Rachel ropes Nancy into helping her with a design project, with Nancy as the photographer.

Corine Myers: Corine is another social outcast, and Mel's friend. Corine is constantly trying to get the other girls to like her. Although she is an outcast herself, she doesn't like Rachel. Corine is hardworking and quite intelligent. She has even won some awards for her work. Corine burned her black cat noteCorine shares a room with Nancy because Corine's claustrophobic old roommate was locked in a closet overnight by the black cat. She immediately went home, opening up a spot for Nancy. 

Leela Yadav: The all - star athlete of Waverly, Leela is cocky, confident, and not afraid to say what she thinks. She is always challenging Nancy to air hockey or darts, which Nancy can play with her. Leela got injured after she received a black cat note, but she's not the type to let a little note get to her. She shares a room with Izzy. Leela can be a good resource if you want facts about other girls.


Paige Griffin: Paige is the mean residential adviser. She lives on Ramsey Hall, at the end of the hall Izzy, Leela, and Rachel's rooms are. Nancy often has to hide from Paige at night while she is doing some investigating. Since Paige doesn't know "Becca" is really Nancy, you can get demerits. If you do, Paige will send you a text telling you about it.If you get 15 demerits, you get expelled.
Paige can also award you credits(which overwrite the demerits) for doing your daily duties at exceptional paces.Note: If you get caught by Paige, you come face to face with her, but it's so dark, you hardly can make out her face.


The Black Cat: A girl who sends threatening notes to the others living in Ramsey Hall. Nancy's goal is to find out which girl is "The Black Cat".


I think this game was awesome and puzzling. I loved the idea of threatening notes being sent at a catty school for girls. There are texts, demerits, drama, gossip, and astonishing discoveries made in this game. This is one of the best games that I have ever played.

Once again, a jumbo 5 out of 5 stars...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aviary Birds

Today we went to the aviary; I love this macaw's colors!

This one puffed up when I started talking to him. I think he wanted me to leave.

I got a close-up of a bird named Conner. Salute, Conner!

Mr. Bird is trying to steal more than his share of food...
Watch out, aviary employees!

This is a weird bird that kept walking around. He wanted to be free, but didn't want to be touched. Or have his picture taken. He was surprisingly kind enough in this one.

This is the King Fischer. He made a cool honking noise.
Look here.

Sorry about what I said in the video. My mom told me about this bird but she read the sign wrong. The lorikeets were actually next door.

Cool penguin, huh? 

This is another picture of Conner. I snuck up on him.

A blue macaw.

In this picture, the macaws are cleaning each other.

Smile for the camera, it's time to shimmy down the runway!

We had lunch outside(I had nachos with some delicious hot cheese and spicy salsa.) While we frolicked in the park, we saw ducks and a seemingly taunting squirrel. 

I think this one looks really old.

On our way out, we saw Conner again.

The Rich Animals And The Poor People

I was looking through a National Geographic Kids magazine when I came across this page.

I paid extra close attention to this article.

Okay, the other articles were absurd, just like the pet yoga. But this is too much. That house is the size of the little tents and boxes the people from those poor countries live in, except it have brick flooring and a garden. I mean, it's an ESTATE! Actually, if you think about it, an estate owned by a dog would probably be very interesting...

Just one question:

ARE Pets PAMPERED More Than People?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

Today we gave my dad two cards and two presents - a $25 Amazon gift card, and and blue collage I made at school.

My dad likes math, so this summer I am learning Python.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cold Case

                                                                  Video Review
(Hit the button to hear me talk)

Title: Cold Case
Author: Julia Platt Leonard
Pages: 281
Date Published: 2011
Age Groups: 10 to 13
Video Review Text

Hi, It's Priya again, doing another video review. Today I will be discussing "Cold Case", a book by Julia Platt Leonard. Cold Case is about a boy named Oz who finds himself dragged into a murder case. His brother, Dave, is accused and sent to jail. But Oz knows that his brother can't be a criminal, correct?

I myself will say this book is well done and a page-turner, but there are some things that I felt were left out by accident, and that being so I will give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.



Oz Keiller gets up one Saturday morning at 6 AM to go to work at his family's restaurant, Chez Isabelle, and doesn't expect what happened to happen.

Then Oz finds a body in Chez Isabelle's walk-in freezer, with an odd face, and police think Oz's own brother, Dave, is responsible for the murder. But Oz doesn't believe his brother killed anybody... right? So Oz has to clear his name.

With the help of Rusty, Oz's cool and smart-mouthed best friend, Oz begins to realize some of the answers are right in front of him, and all he has to do is put them together, even if it means breaking a few rules.

As Oz and Rusty put together piece after piece after piece, they soon realize that the picture is far more twisted than they thought.


Austin (Oz) Keiller: A thirteen-year-old aspiring chef. His0p mother and older brother run the family restaurant, Chez Isabelle. He is the main character of the story; the narrator, and is the one who finds the body in the walk-in freezer. Oz gives hints that he does not like school, even if his best friend does. Oz hates that his older brother Dave is always acting bossy around him while running Chez Isabelle. During the story, Oz's mother is away in Europe, taking care of their grandmother.

Dave Keiller: Oz's older brother and head chef at Chez Isabelle. The police suspect him of murder, and during the story, Dave spends most of his time in jail. Dave is very bossy, and has a very bad temper.

Rusty: Oz's best friend and sidekick. Rusty is smart, sassy, and very "cool". Her parents are portrayed as slightly weird, and for that reason she spends a lot of her time with Oz. Rusty is often calling Oz "stupid", or "idiot", for his lack of school skills and common sense.


I think this book was very nicely done, and I couldn't stop reading; I was upset when it ended. But I did recall seeing some unexplained things in the book that were never quite made clear. So I will give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Kirk Franklin

Friday, June 8, 2012

Car Seat Hurts

One time when I was two and I had a really hard and knobby car seat. I tried to tell my parents that it hurt, but they couldn't understand me because I could only say certain words, and other came out in gibberish. I repeatedly tried to say, "My car seat hurts!", but what I really said was, "Meh cah cheet her!" Eventually, one of my parents figured out my car seat was the thing that was bothering me when I finally managed to say the phrase almost correctly. They got me a new car seat.

The Tooth Chronicles 2

Everyone is aware that my teeth do not like to cooperate.  Last week I needed to see the dentist because my gums were hurting.  He told my mom that the bite plate needed to come out earlier because he could not see the problem. So I was happy the bite plate had to be removed.  

The bite plate had small particles of cheese potato chips left on it.
We went to the orthodontist. She removed it, and said it might have to be replaced after the problem was fixed, or I would have braces for sure. I don't want braces. My mother thinks don't brush long enough and the braces will stain my teeth if I don't brush well. Brushing is boring, I'd rather be reading or blogging.

After the bite plate was removed I had to learn to speak good without it. 

We went back to the dentist sooner because I developed this huge abscess filled with gross yellow pus on my gum right near the tooth that lost a filling one morning right after I woke up.  I noticed a small pebble in my mouth and spit it out in my mother's hand.  She said it was my filling.

I thought it was cool and kept it with my tooth collection. The dentist numbed my gum with Novocain and waited a few minutes then took out the hugest needle I have ever seen.  I was so scared that the needle would hurt my tender gums.

He said the shot wouldn't hurt because of the Novocain. Whenever adults say that it usually means it's still going to hurt. My little brother sat in the corner of the room with us watching Tom and Jerry on my mother's phone. 

The dentist then gave me shots in my gum and the roof of my mouth.  He left the needle there so long, he said the slower he gave the shot the better it worked. Imagine taking a shot at the doctors' for three minutes straight.

Afterwards, I couldn't feel my cheek, my nose or my mouth. My nose was really itchy, but no matter how much I scratched, I couldn't feel my fingers on my nose. The scratching just made my nose red, scratched, and buzzy (which was uncomfortable.

Then, he began to pull on the tooth and like that it was out. It didn't hurt. It just felt like he was maybe tugging on my wrist or something. The tooth had a decaying hole underneath it. As you can see, the hole is yellow-brown, and there is something brown in it. There are pink spots on it, too.

NEXT TIME ON THE TOOTH CHRONICLES: I'm going back to the orthodontist for a retainer, NOT a bite plate like the one up top. I'll keep you updated.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby Birds

Today, me and my brother and my mother went to a bird breeder. There, we saw a few different types of baby birds. They were almost as adorable as a puppy!

I held a green baby Ringneck Parrot. It was feisty, but sooo cute! When the man first laid it in my hands, I thought it was going too bite me like it had been before, but it had really been just "checking me out!"

As I held the little bird and stroked it's soft feathers, my little brother tried to pet it, but he didn't know how to pet it, and started rubbing it too hard. That's when the bird escaped from my lap and hopped on the floor. It flapped its wings and squeaked and squawked.

All the birds were on a rack, like this.

I fed the little bird while my mother held it. I gave it raisins and apple bits. It was so funny how the bird kept trying to eat it; getting food stuck in its beak in the process!

The man put the parrot back on the rack, and he showed us a baby Senegal parrot, which was also adorable. While he showed us the Senegal, I moved toward the bird rack and slowly moved my hand toward the Ringneck babies. They both inched away from me in a rhythm. How funny! This video reminded me of them.

Anyway, behind us on a perch was a giant and beautiful large, white cockatoo named Rio. She was there for a claw sharpening. Even with sharp claws, the bird was so sweet! The man even cradled her in his arms! I was wearing a jacket, so the man perched Rio on my arm. She was not even that heavy (to me, at least).

We rented some magazines from the breeder's, and I'll be reading all about birds for the next few days!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Girl Who Could Fly

Title: The Girl Who Could Fly
Author: Victoria Forester
Date Published: June 24th 2008
Age Groups: 11-14


In little Lowland County, there lives a little farm girl named Piper McCloud. But Piper has a secret... she can fly! Ever since she was a baby she could hover a few feet off the ground. Even though her parents forbid her from using her gift, Piper still practices her gift... even if it means jumping off the barn.

But then one day, as she is playing baseball with the other town kids, Piper finally catches the ball; hopeful the other kids will finally like her. But what she doesn't realize that is... she flew.

Now that everyone thinks she's even more of a freak than before, and her parents don't know what to do with her, Piper McCloud is sent away to I.N.S.A.N.E., for kids with special abilities like hers. But the school is not as welcoming as she hoped.

For example, some of the kids are quite rude, and one is almost (probably) evil. To make matters worse, the headmaster, Dr. Lucia Hellion, is behind something, and Piper is sure that her pretty face and high heels are a mask to cover up a twisty secret.

With the help of her enemy, and a few of her weird but trust-worthy friends, Piper uncovers a secret that will leave her thinking for quite some time.