Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ANOTHER Interview With My Friends

P = Priya
B = Bailee
C = Corinne

P What do you love?
C My pet hamster.
B Me. (I'm just kidding my family.)
P What pets do you have?
C Hamster about to get a dog.
B I use to.
P What is your favorite lullaby?
C Mary Had A Little Lamb.
B Nothing.
P Well mayonnaise to you!
B Well okay.....
P Have you ever eaten a rat?
B No way that freaked me out for a second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P Relax. Have you ever eaten bear or rabbit meat?
C NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B This is gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P You guys will never be doctors.
C You just cut the line.
P Whatevs. What's 2 + 2?
C 4
B 4
P WRONG! It's 5. Trick Question!
C What!!!!!!!!!! It's 4!
P Not according to George Orwell.
B What pskdsdjsjrwrjie.
P You people make me laugh.
P Do you love to laugh?
C Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
P I'm just a kid who's four each day I grow some more I love exploring I'm Calliou!
C Wow.
B Wow.
P This interview is over.
C KK bye.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finger Knitting A Scarf

So yesterday my mother finger knitted a scarf for me. Today I tried finger knitting a scarf for myself and I love it.

We went to the craft store and bought this baby soft, pink and white, ice cream yarn.  At first I didn't think I could get it, but I did and I just kept on knitting even though I didn't want my scarf to be too long and my little pinky finger was getting tired.

My mother helped me add ribbons and pom poms to the scarf and it looks great.  I have a great plan now for Christmas gifts. 

To Be Continued...

 Okay, I'm back, today I finger knitted a head band for myself that matched my fluffy scarf.  I'll show you the head band later. But here is a how to video I made showing you how I finger knitted my scarfs. You can also find other videos about finger knitting like mine on the internet if you want even more instruction.  Maybe another time I'll make a video on how to make the pom poms.  But for now i have a lot of homework and not enough time to do more videos.

Here are my videos on finger knitting. 

An Interview With Two Of My Friends

P = Priya
B = Bailee
C = Corinne

P What is your favorite color?
C Blue
P Do you like math?
C Kind of.
P Have you ever been bullied?
C No.
P What is your favorite food?
C Any kind of seafood.
P Who is your favorite pop star?
C Me.
B ( Bailee just joined us) Me.
P You people might as well dip your heads in lava.
P What is your best subject?
C Music, (I play the flute.)
B Band, dancing, singing, (I play the flute too.)
P Cool I play the saxophone.
P What are your sibling's names?
C Monica.
B I have lots.
P Names Bailee.
B I have lots.
B I have lots.
P Oh I give up! What do you sleep with?
C I sleep with my stuffed dog it is huge!
B Absolutely nothing.
P This interview is over.

Well, I tried.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Drying My Hair

Instead of using a hair dryer I thought of a cool new way to dry my hair, and it worked.  I just turned on Willow Smith's song, "Whip My Hair", and practiced my rock star. I have to go now big test in Science tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lila, Newscast Member

Today Lila will give you all the latest news and announcements.

The Watercrest Middle School Newscast: Alessia

Listen to Alessia talk about school!(It's Monday where she lives!) Go Dirty Dogs!

The school mascot.


List Of Voki Characters I Will Or Have Created

The Fuji Family
Sofia Fuji- Forty
Alberto Fuji- Forty-One
Alfio Fuji- Sixteen
Alessia Fuji- Thirteen
Katalina- Fifteen(Human Years)
Lula- Twenty(Human Years)
Pudding- Four(Human Years)

Future Characters: The Seventh Grade Newscast: Watercrest Middle School, School Of Alessia Fuji
Alessia- Thirteen
Lila- Twelve
Timothy- Twelve
Kevin- Thirteen
Bella- Twelve
Irene- Thirteen
Camilla- Thirteen
Lucas- Twelve
Taavi- Thirteen
Gram- Thirteen
Miranda- Twelve

More Jokes From Lula The Talking Horse

Lula wants to share more jokes with you!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Katalina, Alfio's Pet

This is Katalina. She is very sweet, but can be self-centered and obnoxious. Of course, Alfio thinks she's perfect. She strongly dislikes Pudding. She is best friends with Lula.

No Title

I know I'm going a little crazy with the Voki characters. I just love them. 

Madame Fuji Needs Your Help!

Madame Fuji is going all the way to New York to give a speech she's not prepared for! She's way too rude. Give her advice by commenting below!

Alberto, The Dad

This is Alberto, the father. Alberto likes reading, baking, his family, surgery, Katalina, and Lula. he dislikes Pudding. It seems everybody dislikes Pudding except for Alessia.

Alfio, Owner Of Katalina

This is Alfio. He is sixteen years old and he plays the guitar. Alfio owns Katalina, Pudding's nemesis. Alfio is is a C student who only does just enough. He thinks of Alessia as a distraction, because he was the center of attention before she came along when he was eleven. Alfio does not like Pudding because he ate Alfio's homework multiple times.

Alessia, Pudding's Owner(She Is Japanese, Since She Was Adopted)

Alessia is Madame Fuji's Daughter. She is thirteen years old, and was adopted from England at the age of eight. She loves to learn all about her culture. Alessia is a A student. She loves art, Tempura, Animal Planet, Lula the horse, her brother's cat Katalina, and most of all, her dog, Pudding.

Madame Fuji's Daughter's Dog, Pudding

This is Pudding. Pudding likes Goldfish Crackers, Toilets, his owner Alessia, and Victorious. Pudding is a very blinged up bulldog, with only a face a thirteen-year-old girl could love. Alessia will talk to you later.

I Want An Animal!

I just learned that a Portuguese Water Dog is hypoallergenic!
Also, a Siberian Cat is close to being hypoallergenic!

Ohhhhhh, even though a  Portuguese Water Dog is hypoallergenic, my mother probably will still say no until we are older.


My brother and I are not allowed to go outside by ourselves, or walk to someone's house by ourselves.

I long for you!

And Now A Few Words From Madame Fuji's Pet Horse, Lula, who never gives her name.

It's down there.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tooth Story (Warning, Nasty Story!)

The shark fin-looking adult tooth in the bottom of my mouth is loose and whenever I bite into something it hurts. There is no blood, but I want it to stay in my mouth.

When I was about eight, a front top tooth was loose because I had bit into something that was too thick, and it was bothering the egg cream out of me. One day I couldn't take it anymore.While I was watching TV in my room, and wiggling my bloody tooth with a napkin I got up and stood in front of my bathroom mirror and yanked it right out. It hurt intensely for about five seconds, but then it stopped. There was a pink, bloody crater in my mouth where my baby tooth used to be.

Then again, when I was nine, at another school, my mom had packed me some nasty gluten free sticky grape fruit bar, and when I bit on it I shoved the tooth in the wrong direction, and it became loose. I'd already lost so many teeth and wasn't sure if this one was an adult or a baby. The next day after school, once again I yanked it out of my mouth. Ha, that tooth was only loose for about thirty-four hours! Again, there was a bloody pink crater. Only this time it was a bottom tooth. After I washed my hands, I put on sterile gloves because I love to put my finger in the crater to see if the meat is tender. If it is, I stop touching it.