Tuesday, August 30, 2011

These days I don't have a much time to write on my blog, come again sometime. 

Priya U.S.A.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Daddy's Birthday

Today is my dad's birthday. We gave him a black phone case. 

And an olive green coat!

And we gave him this fall jacket.  After he opened his cards and presents he blew out the candle on his cake, lit from a giant lighter. Dad loves ice cream cakes they're his favorite. 

My little brother had a special ice cream instead of cake ice cream because he is allergic to gluten and dairy. 

Daddy liked his presents and his cake. It was a little birthday party.  Tonight mommy is making curry, naan bread and samosa's.

Sorry I couldn't resist it he so cute.

See Daddy's birthday video!
(warning daddy is sick on his birthday)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Sticky Situation

I love to chew bubble gum because I can make bubbles.  I asked my mom to take these pictures of me blowing  a very big bubble.  Are you ready for this?

The Bubble.
The Splat.


The Culprit.

Does anyone know how to remove bubble gum from skin?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tonight's Bedtime Snack

Funfetti Sugar Cookies Yummy!

They taste great but don't look the same as they do on the box.  Mine look like the surface of the moon. I made these myself, but not from scratch because I didn't have time and mom was putting my brother to bed.

I like cow's milk but my mother doesn't buy it because of my little brother's allergy and because she says it's full of harmful stuff. But sometimes I convince her to buy the organic cow's milk.  This time she bought this low fat stuff and it's really gross.  I hope dad finishes it. 

Sugar cookies are my bed time snack with a movie on Netflix.

I wish this was the bedtime snack...

New Laptop Accessories

My PC and laptop getting to know each other better.
I'm so excited about my new laptop.

Vera Bradley Boyensberry Laptop bag.
We went out shopping for carrying bags for my laptop today.  Some of the Vera Bradley bags are really pretty, I like this one, it's called boysenberry.  Sounds yummy.

My mother said because of the material it would need to be washed often and it wasn't as sturdy as the other laptop bags we saw at Staples.

Laptop cooler.

We bought a few more things for my laptop, one's a sleeve, I can use it for my laptop when I want to put it in my back pack.  The last thing mom and I bought was a laptop cooler, because when I put it on my bed the laptop gets warm.

When we came home dad was in my room with a hand held computer vacuum and he was dusting and vacuuming my key board and PC tower.  For dad this was important. 

So I forgot to mention dad loves math but he also loves computers.  
Dust was everywhere he says I need to take better care of my things.

My new laptop carrying bag and sleeve.
They are both always saying that. But I think I need a bigger room.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My New Lap Top - A Do Over

Soooo, it seems my laptop broke, so I got a new one, a BETTER one which I am using right now to type this post.

My new laptop has THREE USB ports, a DVD burner, multiple fans, and a webcam. I  love it! 

Volume And Surface Area

animated peace sign Pictures, Images and Photos

Me working hard.....NOT!


I thought you'd like to see this video about geometry and shapes. Today I made a program using Python with my father to help me with my math he assigned me. It was a little fun.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My New Laptop

Hi People!

I got a new laptop, in fact.... I'm typing this post with it right now!!!!!
Now I have two computers. My laptop is for school even though I'm only in fifth grade. My new school is so cool. They allow electronics, but only for work purposes. Today we went and bought the laptop, and we set it up as soon as we got home, which took about two hours. I love my new computer, because now when I'm on the road I can work on my blog!

My laptop has a DVD player, two USB ports and an awesome desktop wallpaper!

It's so much different than my PC. I feel more private. It's because when I'm on my PC sometimes my parents or my grandma, or even my little brother will approach me, sneakily, looking at what I'm watching or reading online. But with my laptop, I'm on my bed, facing my door and closet so if anybody comes in, I can see them.

My laptop is a Windows 7, and it comes with loads of games and programs I can't wait to try! And I really like to type using the lap top because it's comfortable. My father wanted me to have this laptop so I didn't have to wait for the other kids in my class to use and finish with the other five computers in home room, because there is like twenty-nine of us. But I can also use this computer in computer class at school.

Friday, August 19, 2011


That's the complete meal.

Today we helped mom cook dinner and made salmon croquettes. We haven't eaten these in a long time. I decided to video tape the entire thing.  Hope you like it.

See video number 1 at this link 


My daddy likes almost anything my mother makes. He's not really that picky about his food. Well not as picky as me. He likes chicken curry a lot. 


This is one of my favorite songs it's by a new singer that was in the fifth season on American Idol, her name is Mandisa.

The below video was my favorite when I was younger in third grade.  It's called I AM A FRIEND OF GOD, And it's by a group named Phillips, Craig and Dean.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Please Pray For Neel Our Little Cousin

Update:  My little cousin Neel is better and out of the hospital.  Thank you for praying for him.

Our little three-year-old cousin Neel is in the hospital. He is very sick. Please pray for him. 

A Prayer of Healing through Worship

Heavenly Father,
We come into Your presence to love and adore You.
Thank You for Your love and Your desire for union with us.
We welcome all that You wish to do through
this healing prayer. We open ourselves to communication
with You and Jesus through the ministry of the Holy
Spirit. Come Holy Spirit, anoint us with healing so
deep it reaches back into our blood line; with
healing so wide it impacts our friends and relatives;
with healing so high it draws us into Your holiness. 


The Lord's Prayer

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your Kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as in heaven
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins,
as we forgive those who sin against us.
Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom,
the power and the glory are yours.
Now and for ever.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Report / Review Sports Word Problems Starring Decimals and Percents, Math Word Problems Solved

August 12, 2011

Title: Sports Word Problems Starring
Decimals and Percents

Author: Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

Type of book: The library categorized this book under reference and non-fiction. It's about math.

What the book is about. – Introduction.
This book basically gives you the steps needed to solve word problems. The author is using this book to teach and to entertain. By entertain I mean that while reading the book I didn't feel like it was something I could not understand. The book also has lots of ridiculous pictures for the word problems. 

The book gives the reader tips for organization and methods for problem solving. For example in the book's introduction the author answers questions that I have had and I am sure many other kids have had also. Here is one of the most often asked question, “Why do I have to do math?”.

The problem solving tips listed in the beginning of the book are doable, in other words I could really see myself using these tips.

The main characters in the book.
There are no characters other than the numbers that are used in many example word problems. But maybe I could write that the methods for solving the word problems could be the characters. For example “Clue Words”, are used repeatedly when the author discusses word problems with “Clue Words”. She writes that addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and opposite problems all have “Clue Words” that can help you figure out the problem.The author must like sports because she uses sports in the word problems for examples. Also, there are characters in the word problems, so they count as characters, but there is no specific main character or characters.

What happens in the story – book?
Ms. Wingard-Nelson also says that when doing word problems drawing a picture can help you understand a problem better. For example she says to ask yourself three questions.
  • What do you know?
  • What are you trying to find out?
  • What is happening in the problem?
Then she says to make a plan, that's the part where you draw the picture. After you draw the picture then you can begin to solve the word problem. Then you can work the problem out with the picture you've drawn, because drawing a picture helps you see some little bits and pieces some people can't see in their heads.

The author also writes that using a model, or changing word problems to equations (something my father loves to do), and using a table, which is just another way of saying a graph can also be a way of helping you solve the problem.

I liked the chapter on finding the hidden information because I like to think of myself as a detective. And when I have a word problem where I need to look for hidden information it makes the whole process more fun for me. Remember, math is not my favorite subject but a necessary one.

The author has more than eight ways of solving word problems that I found helpful for me. And at the end of the book she reviews the steps to use for each of those word problems which I found helpful.

I wouldn't say that this book makes math fun for me but it did help to understand how to solve word problems. 

You might have an easier time finding this book at your local library. If you need help be sure to check in with your librarian and have fun! 

Thanks for reading my review!
Priya USA

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sam Orders Food

Hello people of earth!!!

Today I'm sick, my throat really really hurts, and I have pink eye, so I'm going to stop thinking about my sick body parts and post these totally random videos all about Sam Puckett ordering food but doing things that are utterly weird to get her food for free. Sam is very lazy, so she hates working for her food. That is why she has to get it for free. Click on the play button two times for it to play. Or maybe it's just my computer. Here is one of the videos.

 Warning: This video may cause nausea, vomiting, uncontrollable sweating and a funny delivery guy.

These "surprises" may be "scary". (Their not really scary.)

Watch Mexican Fiesta Platter  first!

Pizza Guy

Meatball Hero

 Warning: At one point in this video there will be something that may be scary to young children. The things is actually not that scary but it may be to little kids, five and under. Maybe even six.

(Okay, it's not scary!! Ya happy now!!)

Mexican Fiesta Platter

Sam is very gluttonous, so she often fights people for her meals. Her best friend is Carly, and her worst enemy is Freddie. her frenemy. Read here for more info. Scroll down until you see a picture of a blonde girl holding a laptop with a picture of ham on it. Her real name is Samantha Puckett, and her twin sister is Melanie Puckett, who is just the opposite of Sam, always polite, sweet and very nice to Freddie, while Sam is not. Sam has a mother named Pam Puckett, who doesn't get along with Sam. Despite, her laziness and meanness, Sam is a skilled rapper, tap dancer, and she can speak fluent Italian. She can also play the trombone, though she's horrible at it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rugrats Comics

  This is the Rugrats. It is about a bunch of mischievous babies who like to run around and go on "adventures."

The comic strips are very funny.

Rugrats Comics

Spanish Comics

The comics are very funny, and the babies in them are hysterical. Angelica is a very naughty and bad character, and that makes the comics even funnier. In some ways Chuckie is girly, such as when he wanted to have a tea party in the third comic.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Interview With Brother About Favorite Foods (He's only five)

I'm going to interview B! (My 5 year old brother) I'm P.

P: B, what is your favorite food?
B: Chicken nuggets, the ones that mommy makes.
P: Okay, what is your favorite dessert?
B: Soy Cream.
P: What is that?
B: It is gluten free ice cream.
P: Interesting, what are you allergic too?
B: Wheat and milk and barley and eggs.
P: Do you like cooking?
B: Yah, I love to cook cakes and I love to cook cookies and pancakes!
P: Wow that is a lot! What do you like to eat as a snack?
B: I- uh- chips!
P: Oh, so what type of chips do you like?
B: Uh- Lays!
P: What type Lays?
B: The-uh-yellow ones. Regular.
P: What do you like to eat on the go?
B: I like to eat chips on the airplane and cookies in the car.
P: Are you a piggy?
B: Piggy? No.
P: You are very cute.
P: What do your feet smell like in the morning?
B: Chocolate.
P: Your weird.
B: I'm not weird!
P: What are you doing?
B: Rolling!
P: On my bed?
B: Yep!
P: This interview is over.
B: What, what did you say? What did you say Priya?
B: Okay.

Well folks, that concludes a very weird interview. My brother thanks you all.

Brixton Br2thers: The Ghostwriter Secret

Brixton Br2thers: The Ghostwriter Secret

By Mac Barnett
Illustrated by Adam Rex

Steve Brixton is a twelve-year-old detective who is obsessed with a series of books called "The Bailey Brothers", by MacArthur Bart, who is also Steve's hero.

Steve doesn't get along with his mother's boyfriend, Rick, a police officer. Rick often tells Steve how he can't manage his detective agency and the real heroes are people like himself. But when Steve receives a call one night telling him to come to Victor Fairview's estate, he soon realizes he has a case to solve.

He goes to the estate, only to see Rick there. Victor tells them that his red diamond was stolen, and Steve soon figures out the diamond is in the drill Rick is holding.

After taking the diamond away, Steve learns there's an even bigger mystery afoot! MacArthur Bart, the author, has been kidnapped, and Steve, along with his best friend Dana,( who is actually a boy) have to save him.

'Spoiler' Do not read these last few boxes (highlight them) if you haven't read the book!!!
The end has a twist. MacArthur Bart turns out to be the crook, pointing a gun at the boys heads.

Magic Meatball

This meat ball is sooooooooooooooooo annoying!

Ask the ball of meat a question, then click! (He breaks a lot of hopes and dreams.)

You: Will I grow up to be smart, rich and famous Magic Meatball? Will I?
Meatball: The Meatball says no.
You: Okay, will I at least be smart?
Meatball: Can I borrow money?
You: Meatball! I want to know if I will have a good life!
Meatball: The Meatball is tired.
You: Fine, will I get my drivers licence when I turn sixteen?
Meatball: Ask again later.
(1 hour later) You: Will I get my drivers licence when I turn sixteen?
Meatball: You talk too much!
You: Do you really think that?!
Meatball: The answer is yes.
You: Oh, NOW you say yes!

Carly's Gummy Bear Burst!! Warning, use earphones if in library!

I love this game, it's one of my favorites on iCarly.com!

  Preview of game.

Sorry, the game is too big. It goes off the page.


Carly's new room is sooo cool! Actually, her old burned bed 

Is the same one I have!

Here are the new pieces of cool furniture she has!!


An I-don't-know-what.

Main views

I'm hungry already!!

Her closet is electronic!

I love those drawers!

I really don't get why "Church Pants" is so funny.

This is the lamp that destroyed her room.

Just turn ingnore the game music playing.
Go to 1:45 to see the chandelier.

iCarly Here is a tour of Carly's new room!
Get More: iCarly Episodes,iCarly,iCarly Games

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I love iCarly so much!

For the post totally about Carly, click here.

Carly, from iCarly gets an awesome new room after her brother accidentally burns it down. In iGot A Hot Room, it's Carly's birthday and Spencer gives her a gummy bear lamp, since she loves gummie bears.

 But it burns her room to ashes. So when Spencer receives $82,000 for a an expensive watch that Carly lost in the fire, he and Sam and Freddie , along with lots of other workmen turn Carly's room from this:

(She has the same kind of bed as me!)

To this

For the blog on her birthday, click here.

Funny extra clip

My favorite character is Carly because she is reasonable, funny, and and just an awesome character. She takes really long showers when upset or thinking really hard. (She one took a chair with her.) Carly loves her brother Spencer's spaghetti tacos.

Note: The bra on Carly's laptop is George The Bra That Tells Ghost Stories.

I also like Sam (Samantha). She is mean, always hungry, and a horrible trombone player. Carly is her best friend. She is always picking on Freddie, the technical producer and other best friend of Carly. Sam has gone to jail three times (in iWon't Cancel The Show it's four) and she loves chili.

Note: The ham gives you a hint of what the iCarly.com password is. Sam loves ham.

  Freddie (Fredward), is the technical geek of the show, is the frenemy of Sam, and very smart. He often goes on and on with subjects, which bore Sam and Carly so much Sam hits him on the head, or pushes him into a bush. At times, he and Sam have to work together to do things, thus getting along. Sam once used Freddie's straw to dig in her ear and then put it back in his drink.


 Spencer is Carly's brother. Since Carly's dad is in a the Navy, and her mother is never mentioned, so Carly lives withe her 29-year-old brother in a loft. He make his "famous spaghetti tacos" for Carly and her friends sometimes, and is an artist. Spencer is very immature, childish, and weird, often setting everything on fire but fireworks. Spencer can be strict at times, but often is careless and gets himself into situations. Sometimes Carly and her friends broadcast Spencer's sculptures on iCarly, their web show.

                 Note: The robot on Spencer's laptop is one of his sculptures, called The Bottle Bot.  One time Spencer fenced with it.

Gibby (Gibson) is Carly, Sam, and Freddie's other best  friends who makes appearances on their webshow. HE often takes off his shirt, stating "Gibby!" He is clueless, and at times very weird (wait, that's all the time), and he has a little brother named Guppy, a miniature Gibby. Gibby shows his mean side in iEnrage Gibby, and in iPsycho , when he fights Nora all the ways into her basement to save Carly, Freddie, and Sam. While he fights Nora, Guppy, his little brother unlocks the door and they run out.

The reason they are all cartoonish is because Socko (a friend of Spencer's) cousin was hired by Sam to draw them.