Sunday, November 7, 2010


Okay, so today I finished reading a really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really crazy book. It is by the one and only (thankfully), Pseudonymous Bosch. 

The book is called "This isn't What It Looks Like". The main characters are Cassandra (Cass), Max-Ernest, and Yoji (Yo-Yoji.) 

They are all twelve and Cass is adopted. This book follows the previous one. Check out this guy's books. They are nice! Anyway, at the end of the previous book, Cass has eaten the Time Travel Chocolate and fallen into a coma. The three kids belonged to the secret Terces Society. Their enemy was the Midnight Sun (another society except and a very bad one.) The founder of Midnight Sun was named Lord Pharaoh. 

When Cass "falls asleep", the chocolate she ate took her back 500 years into the past. Her journey is to find the jester and the Terces Society's founder, and Cass's relative. She also has to find the secret, avoid Lord Pharaoh, and return home. 

Meanwhile, in real life Max-Ernest has to face the new sneaky secretary, fight the two youngest members of the Midnight Sun, Benjamin and Amber. With Yo-Yoji in Japan, it's just Max-Ernest and the two sly kids at the nuts table. Their just trouble, or are they? Hmmm.

Back in time, she has found the jester, and Lord Pharaoh has captured her, and forced her to give him the last remaining pieces of Time Travel Chocolate. I think you know what happens next. It has something to do with the future and the evil Lord Pharaoh.  You should really read the book, I promise you will enjoy it.

Friday, November 5, 2010


 Yesterday night I had a girl scout meeting. We met at an ambulance station and a EMT worker who worked there showed us around the station. We had fun. She showed us the inside of an ambulance. We saw all the different types of bandages, gauze, medicine and other stuff. We all got "souvenirs" from the ambulance. I got a thick gauze sheet for stopping blood and pus and body fluids from coming out more. 

We went to the ambulance station to earn a medical badge.  My mommy took me to the ambulance station and we met the troop there. I haven't earned a badge yet, let alone a girl scout vest (I didn't want the sash) to wear. Because I'm new to the whole thing. We learned that there are different types of bandages.

The worker also showed us a stethoscope. It was green. Each one of us got to try it out for ourselves. I have my own gray stethoscope at home. I don't like all the earwax and gook on the earpieces because that's just plain gross.

We haven't started selling cookies yet.

God helps us and makes us feel better when we are down. He helps heal our wounds and the specific ones too. He makes us happy.