Friday, October 12, 2012

Monty's Ring

Monty is my pet bird. He is about 4 or 5 months old, and highly aggressive. He destroys things and if he doesn't get to come out of his cage early enough, he bites you. He has adjusted to me mostly, although he still doesn't allow us to touch him unless he's really tired, but he lets me kiss him...
Male Indian Ringnecks get a dark ring around their neck. Females get a slight, light blue ring, like Monty's. Monty will get a ring in 1 to 3 years.

From the information I just gave you, can you tell which parrot is a girl and which is a boy?

Also, the females are known as much nicer and loyal pets than the males, but, hey, I LOVE Monty, and my parents tell me I should be patient with him and continue to train him.

Indian Ringnecks are very good talkers, and Monty has already started trying to say some words, like, "Leave," when I get in his face to kiss him.

Monty attacking his least favorite toy...

I learned that Monty is going through a phase of moodiness, much like a teenager. He wants to test his limits, like fake biting, real biting, and angry squawks.

Question And Answer

A fan wrote me an email, and asked me to answer these question on my blog:

Q: Why are male Indian Ringnecks more colorful?

A: They use their colors to appeal to the females, much like with humans.

Q: When should baby Indian Ringnecks finish their weaning?

A: I believe that at about 8 weeks.