Monday, June 17, 2013

Inspiring Global Kids

Have you heard of an awesome new blog that's floating around the web?

It's called "Inspiring Global Kids," a blog written by Margo Martin. Margo, a friend of my mother's, is a french teacher. She is paid to go to different countries around the world to teach different children.

Margo has started this blog to share her observations and discoveries about the world. Right now, she is in Jakarta, Indonesia. She also has two characters, Jael and Solomon, that she takes with her everywhere. Jael is dyslexic and Solomon is diabetic.

Oh, and did I mention...

On Inspiring Global Kids, there is a contest for everyone to enter! Click here to go to it!

All you must do is create a Pinterest board showing pictures and captions describing your culture. Go to the link above for full contest info.

Did I also mention that the prize is a $25 Amazon Gift Card or iTunes Gift Card? Deadline is June 24th, 2013. Email her at

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Notice about the title of this blog.

I understand that this blog is entitled "Christian Radio Kids." Originally I had intended for this blog to be about God, but gradually moved away from the subject and didn't change the name.

If you have turned away from this website because of the name, it's your loss.

However, I now publish most of my other posts to my new blog, Cupcakes and Crazy Reviews.

Click here.