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Shadow At The Water's Edge

Title: Shadow At The Water's Edge
Distributor: HER Interactive
Date Released: October 19th, 2010
Age Groups: 10 to Adult

(Just for a heads up, I'd recommend this for older kids. *POSSIBLE SPOILER*Nancy encounters strange, ghostly images, footprints, and messages. ) Mouse over shaded area to see spoiler.


Awesome! It's time for Nancy Drew to relax in Kyoto, Japan with her two BFFs, while teaching Japanese grade-schoolers American English and grammar in the mornings, and staying at a cozy and cultural Japanese ryokan owned by a family at night. But Nancy Drew discovers that hot baths and tea are not all that awaits her at the ryokan.

As soon as Nancy Drew arrives at the inn, strange and sinister things are already happening; doing much harm to the family's reputation. The inn is said to be haunted, and scary sounds and images are scaring away guests. So as always, Nancy Drew grabs her magnifying glass and steps in.

Nancy explores Japan, and while gathering clues, makes bento, solves math puzzles such as Sudoku and Nonograms, makes shocking discoveries, and of course, has a little fun making pictures and playing Pachinko. Sayonara!


Nancy Drew: As the lead character, 18-year-old Nancy Drew, amateur sleuth investigates a supposedly haunted inn. Nancy is brave, fearless, and intelligent. Nancy is part of a teaching program for Japanese students, so she has papers to grade (educational value). She is the only playable character in the game.

Georgina "George" Fayne:


George is one of Nancy's best friends; Bess's cousin. During the game, George and her cousin Bess are at a Japanese Expo; (they couldn't get tickets for Nancy). She can be called for hints.

Elizabeth "Bess" Marvin, (Left girl, blond):

Bess is George's cousin and Nancy's other friend. She is with George, at the expo during the game. She can be called for hints as well.

Shimizu Yumi:


The oldest sister of the Shimizu family. Yumi's mother died when she was fifteen. As oldest daughter, Yumi was supposed to take over the ryokan, but she left it for a wild, hip, very pink, and fashionable city life. She owns a bento stand at the expo. Yumi is always wearing a crazy pink outfit that she made herself; she has a closet full of pink clothes she made herself. Nancy talks to her during the game, and assembles bento boxes for her when Yumi falls behind in her work. At one point you can explore Yumi's also very pink apartment. She has a real blog you can go to, called "Let's Happy Bento!" Yumi does not have a Japanese accent, but a high, squeaky voice.

Shimizu Miwako: 

The younger sister of Yumi. Miwako was very young when their mother died. Unlike Yumi, Miwako is simple, plain, responsible, and slightly insecure. Yumi is supposed to be running the inn, but Miwako has taken her place. Miwako works at the ryokan's front desk, so she is the victim of many rude complaints from guests whose families are scared in the middle of the night by ghostly sounds and images. She has a robotic cat named Suki that her boyfriend, Rentaro, got her, since she is not allowed a real cat inside the ryokan.

Aihara Rentaro: 

The awkward, and clumsy handyman and boyfriend of Miwako. He was the Shimizu's neighbor when they were kids. Rentaro is weird and somewhat annoying, often getting into fights with his girlfriend. He loves to give Nancy number puzzles to do. Nancy finishes them all, of course.

Nagai Takae:

As the mother of the deceased Kasumi, and 祖母 to Miwako and Yumi, Takae is "in charge", and all changes must be clarified by her before they are made. She is very cultural and offers lessons on things such as calligraphy. Takae believes that Kasumi's ghost has come back for revenge, and that is why guests are being scared away, but Nancy thinks otherwise. According to Rentaro, Takae likes to give lectures, and he is often the "victim" of them.


This was a great game, (scary sometimes), and I would play it again, if I wasn't so excited about the Tomb Of The Lost Queen! Go HER Interactive! Nancy Drew is so fun!

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