Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Emergency Room

Yesterday me and my little brother were playing outside in the water. My mother was watching us and Monty was in his cage next to her. Suddenly, she noticed that he had a yellow plastic slinky wrapped around his neck. We all rushed to get scissors and gloves. Monty was going CRAZY, and since he doesn't like to be touched, we had a hard time cutting the slinky off of him. I managed to cut most of it off, but a piece was still wrapped around him. We ran inside, changed into some clothes, and drove to the vet. I left my phone by accident, so I don't have any pictures, but I do have a picture of the culprit:

This was the slinky before it was cut off his neck.

Me and my brother are both allergic to cats and dogs, so we had to wait in the lobby while my mom took poor Monty into the vet's exam room. While we were waiting we talked to a nice lady who had a cat named Henry. Henry was in a cat sack, and was there for his checkup. Henry was scared. he hid his head under her arm. Here are some things I noted.

  • Henry is her only pet.
  • She used to have two dogs.
  • Henry runs whenever she gets out the cat sack.
  • Henry is quite large.
  • Henry is black and white.
  • Henry has green eyes.
Soon, the lady and Henry went into another vet's office, so me and my brother played I Spy. Then my mom came out. She took us outside and told us that the vet said the slinky was impaling one of Monty's air pockets, and he could die. I was really sad. We waited outside for a few minutes, then my mother brought us back inside and she went back into the vet's exam room. 

We waited.

And waited.

And waited.

While waiting, we met a big, friendly poodle also named Monty! He tried to jump on us, and he also tried to lick us.

After a while, the exam room door opened, and my mom emerged with...


He was okay. He was quiet inside of his cage, traumatized, probably, but he was alive.

You see, the vet was wrong. The slinky had never impaled him. In fact, the thing just fell right off.

It was God. I prayed to him after my mom brought Monty back out.

Thank you, God, for letting Monty the Bird live. He is only 2 months old, he should live a full life.

And I'm sure all of you Christian Radio Kids fans are thankful too.

Visit Monty's Facebook page for some more info. Just sign into Facebook and type in: "Montgomery Bird". 

A picture of Monty eating nuts.