Monday, April 1, 2013


Oh gosh.

I just finished judging some resumes with my mom(she's the manager at her paper company) and I just have to say:

They were repulsive.

Mistakes Made By Applicants

1. Past Experience

They don't stay at their jobs long enough. Some people go from job to job, and don't stay so much as 6 months. Also, the people have really suckish jobs; some of them were PetSmart employees, others worked as waitresses. That's fine if you're 20. But some of the applicants are over 30.

2. Spelling and Grammar

Whatbothers really me these resomes is that the poeple dont take time too proof read there work adn check there grammer, spelling, run on sentences and puctoation especialy since some applcants are not american.

3. Unnecessary Details

If there's one thing you really don't need on your resume for a paper company, it's a 2 paragraph mini-essay on how much you hated your previous job at Borders.

Use regular Ariel or Calibri font. It needs to be professional. 

Your email address should also be professional, with your REAL NAME. If you have to, create a separate email just for your work. 

Appropriate Emails

Inappropriate Emails

You don't need to tell about your hobby of bracelet collecting, or the wedding you're planning for your future husband Justin. You need to describe why you would like to work at the job, and what you hope to gain while working there. 

DO NOT PUT A PICTURE. People like to use ethnicity as an excuse not to hire people. Don't let them have that option.

Tell about accomplishments in high school and LIST YOUR MAJOR. Oh, and don't ever, EVER write on your resume:

"I'm not easily motivated."

That is the biggest turnoff EVER! My mom actually had an applicant say that to her(see "Mistakes Made In Interviews.) She wasn't hired.

4. Length

Let's be real here. Do you actually need a five-page resume? No, you don't. Two pages should be the limit. If you take up those two pages with your list of previous jobs, that may or may not be okay. However, if you take up those pages with your hobbies... not so good. You don't need to list that you love butterfly catching and stamp collecting. That has nothing to do with paper.
Also, don't use complete sentences. The resume really shouldn't be that long, so use BULLET POINTS! Most hirers(is that a word?) do a skim of the resume. Your resume should be appealing to the hirer's eye. Remember, you need to suit THEM.

5. Arriving on Time

If you're sick, then call in sick. If you just don't want to come in, call in sick. See, my mom's the "manager," if you call it that. She's the one to call if you can't come in. However, most interviewees either never show up for their interviews, or are late and never contact again.

Mistakes Made In Interviews

First Example
My mother is in charge of choosing new employees for the company. She has to look over their resume and then either call them in for an interview or forget about them.
A few weeks ago a new applicant was supposed to be interviewed  He arrived early in the morning.

There were a few things wrong with him.

1. He was dressed very sloppily; his shirt was unbuttoned, he wasn't wearing a tie.
2. What person has a full time job and takes online college courses instead of working part-time and going to a REAL college?

He was nice young man, but what he was doing was not very smart.

Second Example
A woman came in to be interviewed recently.

There were a few things wrong with her.

1. Her shirt was too tight.
2. She was very insecure.

When you go for an interview, you have to be confident. My mother gave her a few things to say, and after a few tries, she said them nicely. However, she spoke with a southern tone, which was not very appealing when she needed to make calls (which, by the way, makes up 90% of the job.) Often, people are discriminating, and will do something just because it was used by someone of a different ethnicity.
She spoke very quietly and meekly. My mother asked her some more questions about herself. When she was asked about any setbacks she had, she answered:

"I'm not easily motivated."


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if there's anything you want to add.


  1. thats alot of great tips! thanks! *Another tip to add for interviewing is arriving on TIME i think that is one of the worst things you can do is arrive late because really there isnt an excuse you could have called ahead if it was unavoidable or if its that bad that you missed it clearly it was a good reason that they will understand such as breaking a leg or your grandmas heart attack. Great post once again!

  2. oh yeah,, people don't do that and it annoys my mom so much!(she's the manager)