Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Interview With Two Of My Friends

P = Priya
B = Bailee
C = Corinne

P What is your favorite color?
C Blue
P Do you like math?
C Kind of.
P Have you ever been bullied?
C No.
P What is your favorite food?
C Any kind of seafood.
P Who is your favorite pop star?
C Me.
B ( Bailee just joined us) Me.
P You people might as well dip your heads in lava.
P What is your best subject?
C Music, (I play the flute.)
B Band, dancing, singing, (I play the flute too.)
P Cool I play the saxophone.
P What are your sibling's names?
C Monica.
B I have lots.
P Names Bailee.
B I have lots.
B I have lots.
P Oh I give up! What do you sleep with?
C I sleep with my stuffed dog it is huge!
B Absolutely nothing.
P This interview is over.

Well, I tried.

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