Friday, February 24, 2012

Birds and Vocal Cords

Some birds have the ability to mimic human speech. while some are only capable of saying a few words and phrases, budgerigars have been noted to have a vocabulary of up to 2,000 words! Some are even taught to sing.


Budgerigars - are small, long tailed, seed eating parrots nicknamed "budgie".


DID YOU KNOW........

  • In 1995, a budgerigar named Puck had a vocabulary of 1,000 words?
  • Many people have said that Hill Mynas are the best talking birds. This bird is a common pet.
  • Many species of Amazon parrots are skilled talkers.  

I'm probably allergic to these animals because when they fly around, their dander gets into the air, the furniture, and onto the carpet. Also, I have asthma, which is just great.

I wonder of there is any cute pet that is legal in America that I am not allergic to.
And I don't want a turtle.

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