Sunday, February 12, 2012


Two days ago my mother burned her finger taking a cast iron skillet from the hot oven.   Her finger started to blister and a two pus bubbles started to form.  
 They were yellowish, green and gross. She couldn't bend her finger and said she was in a lot of pain. 

 She had the idea to put this pink ointment on it that she got from my aunt who got it from India. The ointment says it's for burns, itches, scabies and piles, boils, wounds, crack skin, scratches, sores, pimples, dandruff, mosquito bites, swelling, bruises, animal skin diseases, bed sores, carbuncles, cuts, and bleeding piles, and everything!!

I wasn't sure what scabies and piles were so I looked it up and all I can say is YUK!

After a using the cream for one day my mother's finger isn't scared from the burn or in pain. She says that cream is amazing. Her finger is completely healed.

Here's a funny ad for it from television in India.

The cream is pink with a slight grainy texture and it smells like chest salve, that stuff my mom puts on my chest when I am wheezing and have a bad cold.

Happy scratching!

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