Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving(Post 2)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I woke up to a eccentric little six year-old who kept shouting, "Happy Thanksgiving!"

I fed my bird and myself, and did some work. Then I helped my mom cook dinner. She had a giant turkey, greens, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and cornbread to cook. The cornbread was the dish I made; I stirred milk, eggs, and batter together. I made a bit of a mess with the eggs.

Later, me and my brother jumped around and watched TV while my mom finished cooking. I brought Monty in his cage downstairs to watch TV with us, and escaped from his cage. He kept trying to lick me, and hop on my toes. At one point he flew to the couch and tried to poop.

I brought Monty into the dining room to have dinner with us. He ran around his cage frantically when he smelled our food. We gave him some squash and carrots to calm him down. I reached down often so he could lick my fingers.

Right now, Monty is right here in my bedroom with me, dozing off. 

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