Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Presidential Campaign 2012

Early this morning my parents woke my brother and I from a sound sleep so that we could go with them to vote.  We got dressed and my mother drove us to our polling place, a church nearby.  There were signs for both presidential candidates and other party nominees outside the church stuck in the grass. At the polling place,   there were what my mother called voting officials, who appeared to be senior citizens.

It only took mom and dad a few minutes each to vote because there weren't any long lines.  Mom said she felt sad that she didn't see many people out voting, but one of the voting officials said that over 100 people had already voted that morning so she was hopeful.  Mom still thought that was a low turn out.

I made the mistake of telling my parents that individual votes don't really matter, but that state votes matter. However, when the candidates are neck and neck individual votes will matter. My father said that individual votes mattered very much and that everyone needed to vote in this election because it was so important for everyone. He also said that you don't know ahead of time which candidate is going to win the state, so if it's a swing state it's really important that everyone votes.

My parents both voted for President Barack Obama. I remember when President Barack Obama came to our city four years ago at the very end of his campaign to speak, and to thank the people who supported him. My parents had worked for his campaign back then. We went to see him speak, and I wasn't feeling well, but my mom and dad thought that I needed to be there because regardless of what happened in that election outcome, history was in the making.

So as I write this, I wonder who will be the winner of the 2012 Presidential Campaign. Either President Obama or Governor Mitt Romney...

UPDATE: View results here AT THIS LINK!


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