Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Hi! Today is Good Friday, the Friday before Jesus rose from his grave to heaven.

Today I got up at 11:00 AM to play Puss 'N Boots on XBOX 360 and eat breakfast. Then we went to the mall and the bookstore for the rest of the day. Good news! I'll be posting a review of the Shamrock Shake on my other blog soon, so check back soon!

Today is also my baby cousin's 2nd birthday! I love you so much! I bet she's dreaming about eating my socks while she sucks on her cake.

At the bookstore, I got two new books. Lawless by Jeffrey Salane, and I.Q., by Roland Smith. My brother doesn't like reading as much as me, and he didn't get any books.

Anyway, for some reason I kept thinking that today was Saturday. I'm on Spring Break. It was supposed to start today, but for me it started on Thursday because I stayed home to finish some work I needed to get done.

Easter is on Sunday! We're going to an Easter egg hunt then, and I'll post more details soon!

Now, to get my dad to buy me a game. BYE!!

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