Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Family Memories

My grandfather was a Marine in the Vietnam War.
Grand daddy was actually on his way to college and he was very excited about his future.  Then he was drafted in the army.  But my grand father was always looking for a challenge so he went and signed up for the Marines. I remember a few years ago when we buried him four marine soldiers waited for us at the grave yard.  And as the limo and all of the cars arrived the soldiers prepared to salute my grandfather.  An old Vietnam buddy played the bugle and when the burial was finished all four soldiers shot their rifles into the dreary, gray clouds. It was a dreary fall day and I was five years old.  I can't remember who it was that folded the American flag that was on his casket, but someone folded it into a triangle. One of my cousins handed me some flowers and we all through them into the hole in the ground as the coffin sank into it.

My mother told me that she was two years old the first time she ever saw my grandfather because he was away at war.  He was shot two times and once my grand mother fainted before the men that came to the front door could tell her that grand daddy was still alive. Grand daddy won the purple heart.

Bye! And Happy Memorial Day To All!


  1. This is so awesome Priya. Thank you for sharing not only the purpose of the day but also the very interesting information on your grandfather.