Friday, September 16, 2011

Book Review: Swindle

Title: Swindle
Author: Gordon Korman

Type of book: This is a fiction book. I didn't choose this book myself but my teacher was reading it in class and I had to take it it home to answer some questions. I ended up reading the whole book in two hours because it was so interesting.

Introduction: This book was interesting to me because it was about gaining characters trust, and it contained a lot of mishaps, falls, and dog whispering.

Gordon Korman has two other books in this series about these same characters. I haven't read them yet. Now I am more interested in reading more of his books.

I have seen Swindle in other places such as the “Media Center” at school, the public library and the bookstore, but I wasn't interested in the book because I judged the book by it's cover. The cover had a baseball on it and I don't like baseball.

Main Characters: The Man With The Plan, a.k.a, Griffin Bing, who is an eleven-year old who loves to plan heists. Ben Slovak, Griffin's very small narcoleptic friend. Savannah Drysdale, a girl who has way to many pets and dreams of becoming a veternarian. Pitch, a.k.a, Antonia Benson, a girl who loves rock climbing. Melissa Dukakis, a shy girl who is a master with computers. Logan Kellerman, a kid who loves acting. Darren Vadar, a burly kid who blackmailed the other kids, and  S. Wendell Palomino, the main atagonist of the story. He is a mean spirited collector.

Theme of Book: This book was very odd because normally kids can't pull such a stunt so dangerous as the one pulled off in this book. 

Griffin, who was cheated out of a Babe Ruth baseball card develops a plan to get the card back, and he needs the help of some friends, one or two enemies, and a dog.

The book takes place in Cedarville, NY. in and around the Griffin's neighborhood.

Conclusion: This book was very good because it dealt with spy-like abilities. Each character had a job. Griffin, Ringleader. Ben, lookout. Savannah, dog whisperer. Antonia, climber. Melissa, computer whiz. Logan, actor, and Darren, muscles.

It also reminds me of the character trait  "working together". More than five kids pull together and devise a plan to outwit "Swindle". A plan so risky like this one is usually only attempted by adults, but the kids manage to pull it off. 

My Favorite Part: My favorite part of the book was when Logan Kellerman did his job in the story by distracting the old man with a game of Backgammom. The man figured out what Logan was pulling and told him he was going to call the police. So Logan threw himself into the thorn bushes to distract the old man. While the old man put medicine on Logan's many scratches, no one was calling the police. Logan's friends were safe. For now.

This was my favorite part because Logan was smart enough to know he had to improvise. 

Thanks for reading my review. Ta-ta.


  1. More details, maybe a teeny excerpt or description of your favorite part, and why it was your favorite, would be very interesting. Just don't give anything too important away!

  2. Thank you for commenting I will think about what you said.

  3. I think your writing is pretty good. You seem to have a good vocabulary, mostly good grammar, and you only made one or two spelling mistakes that I saw (even with some big words in there). I agree that a little more description about what happens in the book would've been interesting (as long as you don't give the ending away!).

    By the way, I don't like baseball either, but I'm glad you learned not to judge a book by its cover. You never know when you'll find a gem!

    Overall, good job!