Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nothing More To Say, She's A Forty-Year-Old Diva!

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Madame Fuji's Blog

Hello Novices. I, Madame Fuji am a very famous Italian dancer. You can read more about me later, but first I must powder my wig.

-Yours Truly,
Sofia Fuji

Hello Again.

I finished my wig and will now tell you that you STINK AT BALLET!! Only I, beautiful and talented Sofia Fuji am great and successful at this graceful dance. I spent twenty years working my butt off, and I am not going to let anyone catch up to me!

I will help, you, but only a bit!

  1. Get your costume. Leotard, Tutu, Slippers, and Ribbons. 
  2. Go to first position. I am not going any further than that.
Check back often please. 


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I am in Paris with my rich husband. I'm eating lobster in our condo.


Hello Once Again Fellow Novices.

I am still in Paris, at a bread restaurant. My neighbor is sooo chatty. She won't shut up. Yes, I am talking to you Sharie!

Anyway, I will post more videos later. Goodbye.

I did it! Unlike you.

Meet The Fuji Family

Sofia Marina Fuji
Alberto Matteo Fuji
Alfio Roberto Fuji
Alessia Misuki Fuji
Lula The Joking Horse
The Goldfish

That is all.

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