Friday, September 9, 2011


Lately I haven't had any spare time to devote to my website.  I miss writing my stories too but school comes first.  I like being in the fifth grade and we get to study Spanish this year.  Hola! Me llama Priya U.S.A.

The book light is for the car, mirror, pencil holder and JB magnet.

The fifth graders have new lockers that we can decorate with magnets, we bought these really cool magnets, a magnetic pencil holder, and a magnetic mirror, note pad and some other things.  

These are my new headphones I took the picture myself.  

Fan with USB connector.
I like to wear my iPhone headphones to watch movies on my computer because my little brother is too noisy. The old ones hurt my ears so I got this new pair. My brother has a new blue pair, because he's a copy cat.

Here is my new laptop lamp that plugs right into my laptop with a USB, and laptop  fan. The fan is for me not the laptop but it has a USB too, to plug into the laptop instead of the wall.

My dad bought my laptop for school but so far I haven't needed to take it to school but I use it to help me with my homework, which I have a lot of now.

Laptop lamp.

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