Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Review Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever

Date: December 1st 2011

Title: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever

Author: Jeff Kinney 

Type of Book: Realistic Fiction



After Greg Heffley accidentally defaces school property, he is sure he is in for it. Then a terrible blizzard hits Greg's town, and all civilians are recommended to stay inside. Greg knows that when the blizzard is over he's in a lot of trouble, but he has other things to worry about.  For instance there was a flood in his basement and it's his job to keep his little brother occupied by doing magic tricks. 


There are six main characters Greg Heffley, Rodrick, Manny, Mom, Dad, and Rowley. Greg the main character is a lazy, selfish middle-schooler who thinks he is cool. I can't really tell you why he thinks he's cool, he just does.  Rodrick is Greg's older brother who is also lazy and enjoys putting Greg in bad situations.  From the other books readers probably remember him as a big bully too, he's still a bully. For example Rodrick made Greg think that he had slept through the whole summer by closing his curtains and resetting Greg's alarm clock.  

Greg fell for the trick and got up at 4am and began to make himself a bowl of cereal. His dad walked into the kitchen and started yelling at Greg for getting up so early.  Greg told his dad what happened and they went to Rodrick's room where Rodrick was pretending to be asleep.

Manny is Greg's three year old little brother.  Most readers will only remember two brothers but Greg's mother had another baby; his name is Manny and he is a brat.  He gets his way a lot and his mother pampers him.

Greg's Mom is nice but overprotective and seemingly foolish at times, and only allows Greg to watch half an hour of TV a day but Greg breaks this rule.  His mother has ruined many home videos and pictures and doesn't know how to work her own cell phone.  She's easily distracted like most moms. And then there is his Dad, who does not have a good relationship with Greg. He wanted to send Greg to the Spag Union because he thought Greg was a cupcake. 

Rowley is Greg's best friend. Greg is always writing in his journal that he thinks Rowley is stupid.  I don't like this although I agree that Rowley is stupid but I don't think Greg is a very good friend.  

They once buried a time capsule full of toys comics and money.  One day Gregory was going crazy from the lack of junk food in the house and boredom so he dug up the time capsule and took all of Rowley's toys and comics out as well without Rowley knowing.  He played with the toys and used the money that was in the time capsule for candy and a soda.

What Happens In Story

Greg and Rowley were trying to post posters on one side of the school but it started to rain and the green poster board left a mark on the school.  So the boys ran away but were seen by a passerby and that person gave the police a description that didn't really match what Greg and Rowley looked like.  It snowed and Greg knew that when the snow melted he would soon have to face the consequences.


I like this book because it was full of hilarious comic strips and episodes and mini comics, in fact they showed a magazine with little comics in it.  I recommend you read it too.

Thanks for reading my book review.  I like to make my own book marks and here is one below.


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