Monday, July 2, 2012


Speed, Chair Ride, Bungee Jump, Midway, UFO, they're all rides I went on today at the Carnival.
The event sold foods like fried oreos...

To french fries.

I went on so many rides! First I went on the UFO... I couldn't lift my legs or my hands up on the UFO or the Cobra! The Cobra was fast, and spun around in a circle, turned us, then spun around again. At one point too much air and wind would go in my nose when we turned up and I had to "spit" it out. On the Speed, the ride turned me and my dad forward and backward with full force.

The Chair Ride was fast, but not as thrilling as some of the other rides. My little brother thought it was the fastest thing in the world.

We also went into a Scooby - Doo Haunted House. It was loud, but the skeletons and stuff were made of paper and poorly - wrapped plastic, you could tell.

The Bungee Jump was so much fun! I was at least ten feet above ground. I don't know how to do any flips like I saw some other kids doing, though.

Me and my mom went on the Farris wheel. She liked it, but thought it was a little fast. I thought it was pretty slow. Unlike other rides, when you go down, your stomach doesn't drop or go up.

I went on a mechanical bull ride, as well. I fell off every time.:(
The last time, I fell, and the bull's head hit mine. I'm okay.

At the midway, I played a game of darts ( I had to pop balloons with them) and won a orange plush puppy. Then, I beat a little girl and her dad in a game of water guns where you had to shoot the targets. You needed to keep your gun on the target to keep your plush animal moving toward the top. I won a little pink dragon. Then I decided to play again and exchange it for something better. I looked at my opponent. It was a tall, burly man who looked like he meant business. Usually, I don't watch the animals go up. I just keep my eye on the target. Surprisingly, I won! I exchanged my dragon for a white hat!

When it was almost time to leave, my mom told us we could go to a Midway game that had plush fish for prizes. We got three bowls of ping - pong balls, and our goal was to get a ping - pong ball into a colored fish bowl. My little brother managed to get one in, and so did I! I thought we were going to get the big plush fish, but the little boy helping at the stand grabbed two large bags. Inside the bags were LIVE fish! My mom's eyes bugged out at this, and my dad laughed.

"I didn't know they were going to get real fish!", my mom said.

"Yeah, well, they got the balls in the bowls," the kid said.

The fish the kid grabbed were pretty. Mine was a goldfish in orange - colored water. It was a orange all over except for the white spots on the bottom. My little brother's was white in pink -colored water, and had a single orange stripe on it's tail.

"I'm going to name mine Paco!" I said.
"I've got my fish's name in my head," said my brother.

My brother didn't know how to hold the fish bag. He slinged the fish over his shoulder so the water went sideways; he shook the bag so some the fish's scales all came off.

My mother went off to buy tanks and food from the stand, while me and my brother and my dad stood around with the fishes.

While walking to our car, I saw one of the kids who rides my bus working at one of the food stands with his sister. I said hello to him. My mother said, "Ask him for some free food." I looked at her funny, and she laughed, "I'm kidding.", she said.

While on the way home, my brother said that he was going to name his fish John. John and Paco. Okay...

My mother drained the water from the bags, added marbles to the tanks, and put the fish inside the tanks.

My little brother's fish was wild in his aquarium, while mine hid from me.

Still and quiet, hardly moves.
My fish was scared at first, but then I put rocks around his tank and he started to come out. He's okay so far.
NEWSFLASH: I think Paco is dying, too. His jaw keeps moving, but he's not moving.

Hyper and jumpy, probably claustrophobic.
NOW: As of now, John and Paco are dead.

My mom thinks the fish we won were sick, so she is going to take them back tomorrow for a refund. She says that we can't have any more fish. I'm not so sure they were sick.

Here ends a colorful, full of motion and toys day. CLICK HERE for Part 2 to this little "fishy adventure". Maybe next time we'll find out what killed the fish... or will we?

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