Monday, July 2, 2012

Mona Lisa on Bamboo Create

As you can see, the first picture is of the real Mona Lisa(painted by Leonardo da Vinci), but the second and third are pictures I edited Bamboo Dock.

Bamboo Create: Bamboo Dock is where you keep all of your Bamboo Create apps.(I have a Bamboo Create by Wacom, see facebook picture on side bar!) A Bamboo Create is drawing tablet that you connect to your computer. It comes with a pen, and you can write and draw with it. The tablet can also be used as a 
I like to draw on Autodesk SketchBookExpress 2011 with my tablet.

Mona Lisa: The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci during years 1503 and 1506. It is believed to be a painting of a woman named Lisa Gheradini, wife of a Florentine Merchant. Some people believe that "Mona Lisa" is actually Leonardo da Vinci himself. Others believe that the painting is of Leonardo's mother. It is still a mystery as to who was really the model for this painting.
A comparison of a sketch of Leonardo da Vinci and the Mona Lisa, possible evidence of the Mona Lisa and Da Vinci being the same person.

The Mona Lisa is the most parodied, visited, and, well, one of the most popular works of art ever. That's why I found an app for vandalizing it in Bamboo Dock.

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