Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Carnival Part 2

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So, my mom tried to get her money back, but they could only give her some new fish. BIG REVEALING - WHAT REALLY KILLED THE FISH?: They also said the tap water we used to fill the bowls killed them!

 We should have kept the fish in the water they were in, and filled the bowls with that. When my mom filled my bowl, some of the pink water went into the bowl with the tap water, resulting in my fish living a little longer on that water before dying.

My mom brought home two new fishes...

I named my new fish Pablo, instead of Paco. You'll never guess what my brother named his. 
Orange Fish "Pablo" = Priya
Silver Fish "Knock" = Naren

Sits around at the bottom of bowl, only swims around when it's time to eat.

Hyperactive and crazy. Knock also poops a lot, as you can see in the picture.

Knock. That's what my brother named his fish. Like a knock on the door.
It seems like all of my brother's fish are jumpy and fun to watch, but mine just sit around.

You're welcome.

Also, my mom picked up some FRIED OREOS from the carnival! I shared some with my dad, but I wanted them all...

They were so good! Powdered, battered, and sweet. Did you ever have something sweet, but the crave for something salty! These Deep fried cookies are two for one!

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