Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Fourth Stall

Author: Chris Rylander

Date Published: Feb 8th, 2011

Genre: Fiction

Ages: 9 and up


Mac is sixth-grade Godfather. He has guards and spies at his command, and he pretty much rules the school.

He and his best friend Vince have an office in the East Wing boy's bathroom, where they fill favors. For a price. For example, did you forget to study for that history test? Pay Mac some money, or maybe promise to do him a favor, and you'll have your test answers.

Mac's business is doing pretty good. He already had around 6000 dollars saved up so he and Vince can go to a Cubs World Series Game. That is, IF they win.

But now Mac and Vince have another problem. A little boy named Fred has come to seek their help, and his problem may become their worst nightmare.

Main Characters

Christian Barrett: Christian got his nickname when an eight-grader started calling him "MacGyver," an it was shortened to Mac. Christian is one of the smallest kids in the sixth grade, but despite this, he runs the school. He is very similar in his business to the Godfather, sometimes even referencing him. He and his best friend Vince are major fans of the Cubs, and often quiz each other on Cubs Trivia and watch almost every game.

Vince: Vince is Christian's best friend, manager, and right-hand man, often managing the money and telling odd jokes and quoting his nonsensical grandmother. When Vince and Christian were growing up, they both lived in Bella Vista trailer park. Then, Christian moved to a nicer neighborhood, Vince's dad died, hid family became poor, and Bella Vista became an unsafe neighborhood. Like his best friend, Vince loves the Cubs despite their many losses.

Joe: As the guard of Mac's office, Joe is large and tough, but only gets rough when someone is bothering him. He is 14 years old and in eight grade. Joe, unlike Vince and Mac, dislikes baseball and thinks that his friends are silly for watching it.


I loved this book, mostly because of the suspense and the way it was set up. You even have little boys sending others on mission!

This book is so funny and so hilarious, that I think I'll give it...

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