Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Camp

Today I went to Summer Camp. It's a math class and a camp for gifted students. My report cards were pretty good, and so were my standardized test scores so I feel pretty good about making it into the camp. Actually the class so far has been fun. And you know I already told you I don't like math. But so far so good. The camp is at a University that's very large and I like it there.

Today we did perimeter and diameter measurements on a plate that we then cut up with a partner. (It's still kind of hard though)  Cutting it up was actually an accident. The teacher's example was cut up, so me and my partner cut it up. Only until we had finished cutting it up did the teacher say we were not supposed to cut it up, but if we did because we are such good students who do everything the teacher says, that's okay. Everybody laughed. We just cut the rim off, then drew the lines on it. We sort of made a mess of the string and measuring tape we used to measure our circle. Also, paper got everywhere. Then we went outside for "recess" and ate our snacks. We played Sharks and Minnows. After that, we played Hollywood Squares.

  • Yesterday we introduced  friends and worked out strategies for the 1-100 game. 
Guessing a number between 1 and 100. The limit of the number of questions you can ask is 8. We learned that the hard way. The hard way? Working the whole thing out!

Here are some basic questions:

  1. Is the number higher or lower than 50?
  2. Is the number even or odd?
Another way to ask number 2 is by saying; "Is it a multiple of 2?

The teacher decided to make it hard. We couldn't ask any of the basic questions! We could only ask questions such as; "Does it have a 3 in it?".
We could still ask questions like "Is it a multiple of 2". We just couldn't ask about 2.
On Friday, we have a party, YUM! I mean...YAY!
Parents are supposed to bring food such as,

  • finger sandwiches
  • brownies
  • cookies
  • chips
  • fruit
  • plates and napkins
  • AND LOTS MORE! If this is math I love it!


  1. My kids love 100's games! My daughter is really into math right now and I'm hoping her love for the craft continues.

  2. Hey Priya! I think it's awesome you're doing math right now. Keep on on practicing; we need more mathematicians and scientists like YOU to build our tallest buildings, longest bridges and develop our newest technologies! So you measured the circumference of a circle right? What's the formula for the circumference? :)