Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Visit To The Barnes Foundation

Last week my family and I traveled to Philadelphia to see the art collection at The Barnes Foundation. Kobe Bryant spent part of his teens in Lower Merion, Philadelphia where The Barnes Foundation is.  So for my little brother who loves the Lakers we went to visit Kobe Bryant's old High School.

My mother really loves art, she said in another life she would have been a starving artist.  I like art too but I like to draw it more than I like to look at it.
My favorite art piece was this one.  Mom says she doesn't remember this one at the Foundation but I do..............
Aline and Pierre by Auguste Renoir.

This is the main hall and some other paintings in the museum. 


  1. This is a great post Priya. I'm a huge Mary Cassatt fan and some of the pictures in the collage reminds me of her work.

  2. Thank you for saying. I really like the audio tour headsets they have.