Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's For Dinner? Calamari!

Woah!!!  Did you say octopus? 
Yep that's what I thought you said. Calamari is a cousin to the octopus. Actually I really love squid, or Calamari, that's what the restaurants call it.  

PhotoMy mom tells me that my first experience with Calamari was at Leona's Restaraunt on East 53rd Street in Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois.  

We were moving away so it was actually our last restaurant meal there.  She said, my dad and her ordered the Calamari as a appetizer and I ate nearly all of it. 

All About Calamari: Click here.

Here is a video I made of an octopus at the supermarket that we couldn't have for dinner. Because mommy was way to tired to cook it.

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