Monday, November 7, 2011

Something Interesting That Really Doesn't Make Sense And Other Logical Puzzles

   After school my dad had a dentist appointment and we all had to drive there, and on the way back home, we got Mexican Food. At the dinner table, we were talking about snacks and I said my favorite snacks were Cheez-Its and grapes. We all knew what Daddy's favorite snack was. Ice Cream. But then Daddy said that that was dessert, not a snack  And Mommy said that ice cream was a snack because dessert is a snack. Daddy said that dessert was different. Mommy said that if dessert time wasn't snack time, then when he sneaks bowls of ice cream at two in the morning that must be a snack. Daddy said anything after dinner was a snack. So that must mean that anything after that specific dinner was a snack, therefore Tuesday's breakfast was a snack. But then he said anything after dinner but before you go to bed was a snack. I said that did not apply because there was really no beginning.

Who Is Right?

This argument is pointless.

Here's another logic puzzle.

Which line can I remove to get two squares?

A Mystery

Hilda Banks's pet eel was stolen by one of three suspects. Mariposa Leon, Colin Lafet, and Lee Paki. Obviously, who is the culprit?

Hint (As if you need it!) : When in doubt, think backwards.

Fill in the missing word. This sentence is about the world famous Nancy D.

Nancy ____ back the curtains.

I will say no more about this.





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