Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review of Trail Of The Twister

Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister Mac Game
Release Date: June 2010
Owner: HER Interactive
Ages: 10 to Adult

The Canute Tornado Chasers Team is calling Nancy's name as she moseys on over to Oklahoma to go under cover as a replacement intern to the Canute team after their old one, Pete, broke his leg. P.G. Krolemeister wants Nancy to investigate the strange, life threatening problems with the team's equipment. 

At some point in the game Nancy catches mice because there is a mice infestation, and you, the player has to play this mouse game to catch the mice; you get to see up close shots of the mice and they are really cute.  Overall the game is very much like the other sleuth games in that there are dramatic twists (pun intended) and unforeseen turns but I can't tell you too much or I will give away the 

Stormy Oklahoma in the game:

Scott Varnell 

Scott is in a bad mood at the time Nancy meets with him, and he is especially snotty to Nancy. He is a professor at Canute College and is not taken very seriously, and as a result, is insecure. You can tell he's tired by the way his eyes sag.

Debbie Kircum

Debbie is very eager and passionate about her work. She freaks out at the worst times, such as when a tornado is coming and the team is getting ready to leave. Debbie is second in command.

Chase Relerford

Chase is the mechanics man of the team. He is a meteorology undergrad, and can fix pretty much everything from cables to cars. Chase is one of the characters that doesn't have a big part in the game.

Tobias "Frosty" Harlow

Frosty is the team's media expert who earned his name from a lucky break catching footage of a hail storm. He let his name get to his head, and he acts tough and cocky. At one part in the game, you hear him scream, only to find out a mouse ran across his keyboard. Not so tough after all.


Pa is the owner of Ma n' Pa's General Store. He is nice, but gets sad when you mention twisters. When Nancy asks him where Ma is, he quickly says that she is out running an errand, then quickly changes the subject.

Overall, I like the game, because it is exciting and fast moving. I don't like, however, when the characters twitch because of small glitches. That only happens a few times though, so I'm giving this game 4 out of 5 monsters.

Happy Sleuthing!

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Did you know that middle America is also known as "Tornado Alley"?  From North Dakota down to Texas, and from Wyoming to Ohio.


  1. This is a great game, I knew from the middle who the culprit would be. Good review.