Monday, January 16, 2012

Day Of The Dentist

Today I went to the orthodonist. I needed to get fit for a spacer.
Me and my mother drove there and I waited for 10 minutes. Then, the lady called my name and leaving my mom, I walked down the hall. It's a really nice place, very brightly lit with colorful pictures all over the walls and everyone is so nice.

I took off my glasses and put on a huge pair of sunglasses to prevent the light from hurting my eyes when they started the work on my teeth. The technician put a very bulky vest on me. She lead me out of the little station cubicle we were in and I walked over to a very complex looking X- ray machine. I walked over to it and it lowered slowly. A headpiece snapped onto my head, and I had to bite onto this little yellow lever. The lady turned the machine on and slowly the machine spun around my head, taking pictures. Next, the lady put me in a strange contraption to take another X-ray. There was a piece that went in my ears and a piece that rested firmly on my nose.

After that, the lady lead me to the main surgery part of the office, which was filled with more children's drawings and even more bright colors.  Then I followed her to an orange wall were she took several mug like shots of me with a camera that took way too long.

My mother filmed some of the work for me so I could show you.  My gums are sore because right now I have the rubber band like things on them they are called separators to make room for the spacers.

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