Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Steak Chart

I LOVE medium rare steak. My mom will go out and buy, let's say, three organic steaks. She will cook one medium rare (dad), one medium (me), and one well done (mom and Naren.)

I actually do not agree with the last sentence of the "Well done" section. It says, "Waste of a good steak." Steak does not have to be cooked raw. Someone made it cool. It DOES taste good, but eating a Blue rare  is probably dangerous for your health. Medium rare is a bit better to eat, if you like to eat pinkish, juicy meat. Besides, Blue rare steak is ridiculous. It's almost completely raw steak.

Before about a month ago, my mom would cook me, my brother, and herself a Well done steak. I do not like Well done steak as much as I like Medium rare steak. I like Medium rare steak very much.

I always ask my dad for slices of his juicy steak, and he always gives me them, but my mom thinks I might get sick eating a partially raw steak. That's why she won't let me eat sushi. Just wait until she hears about the Blue rare steak!

So my mom really noticed how much I loved the rich meat and started cooking my steaks Medium. They are only a little bit tougher the Medium rare steak, although I still eat some of that, too.

The steak I get looks something like this, although I think this steak is a Medium rare, and not a Medium. Sometimes she cooks it Medium well.

Happy Eating!

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