Friday, April 6, 2012

Planes, Food, and Music


I'm at the airport right now with my family, and the flight leaves in about 30 minutes! I can't wait! First we came to the airport and parked our car. Then we got out our many bags and suitcases and waited at the Shuttle stop, got on, and rode with a few other families for about two minutes the airport entrance.

After we got off the shuttle bus, we took our things and checked in. We went through security, took the underground subway, and started taking pictures. Then we went to get some food. As we ate, we watched other planes back up and take off. When we were done, we got up and walked to the gate (my little brother and I took the moving walkway, and ended up farther than we should have! Luckily, my dad had followed us. He was confused. He said, "Wait, where are we?"). My mom just watched the whole thing, laughing and shaking her head.

Now we are all sitting in the seats at the gate. I'm listening to this iPod my dad bought in 2000 and blogging on my laptop, my mother is watching knitting videos on the iPad, my brother is doing something, I think eating crackers, and my dad is listening to music and taking photos on his camera.

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