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Warnings At Waverly Academy

Nancy Drew Warnings at Waverly Academy PC Game
Title: Warnings At Waverly Academy
Date Released: October 2009
Creators: HER Interactive
Ages: 10 to Adult

Not Scary      Mild      Bit Intense      Scary      


It's time for Nancy Drew to go to school. But not just any school. An all - girls boarding school that is being terrorized by "The Black Cat", an unknown girl at the school who sends threatening notes to other girls in Ramsey Hall. The first note is a warning. After you get the second note, though, something bad happens to you.

The principal of the school was tired of girls getting sick and injured, so she calls in Nancy Drew to uncover the catty claws.

Under the name of Becca Sawyer, the young sleuth investigates the school while hearing juicy gossip, mean notes, and catty girls.

Characters (All of these characters are in the running for valedictorian.)

Izzy Romero: The Queen Bee of the school, Izzy is intelligent, pretty, and manipulative. She loves to gossip and make others feel bad. Izzy thinks she knows who the black cat is. The question is... is she right? The first time she meets her, Izzy takes advantage of Nancy, although she is nicer to her in the rest of the game. Since she lives in Ramsey Hall, she is in the running for valedictorian. Izzy shares a room with Leela, who she is friends with. Izzy can be a good resource if you need facts about other girls.

Mel Corbalis: Mel is a goth who just doesn't care what people think of her. She was automatically accepted into Waverly Academy because she comes from a long line of alumnae. She is considered a weirdo by everyone but her friend, Corine. Mel doesn't care about the black cat stuff, and wishes the other girls would stop acting so concerned. Mel used to share a room with a girl named Megan, but Megan got sick from nuts in her dinner after she received a note from the black cat, and had to go home.

Rachel Hubbard: One of the biggest social outcasts in Ramsey Hall, Rachel is two - faced and forgetful. One minute she'll know who you are, and the next she won't. Rachel has gotten black cat notes, just like everyone else.Three weeks ago, Rachel almost had the title of valedictorian, but then she failed a test, Now, the only way for her to ever be able to be valedictorian is for all the other girls to fail a test. Rachel ropes Nancy into helping her with a design project, with Nancy as the photographer.

Corine Myers: Corine is another social outcast, and Mel's friend. Corine is constantly trying to get the other girls to like her. Although she is an outcast herself, she doesn't like Rachel. Corine is hardworking and quite intelligent. She has even won some awards for her work. Corine burned her black cat noteCorine shares a room with Nancy because Corine's claustrophobic old roommate was locked in a closet overnight by the black cat. She immediately went home, opening up a spot for Nancy. 

Leela Yadav: The all - star athlete of Waverly, Leela is cocky, confident, and not afraid to say what she thinks. She is always challenging Nancy to air hockey or darts, which Nancy can play with her. Leela got injured after she received a black cat note, but she's not the type to let a little note get to her. She shares a room with Izzy. Leela can be a good resource if you want facts about other girls.


Paige Griffin: Paige is the mean residential adviser. She lives on Ramsey Hall, at the end of the hall Izzy, Leela, and Rachel's rooms are. Nancy often has to hide from Paige at night while she is doing some investigating. Since Paige doesn't know "Becca" is really Nancy, you can get demerits. If you do, Paige will send you a text telling you about it.If you get 15 demerits, you get expelled.
Paige can also award you credits(which overwrite the demerits) for doing your daily duties at exceptional paces.Note: If you get caught by Paige, you come face to face with her, but it's so dark, you hardly can make out her face.


The Black Cat: A girl who sends threatening notes to the others living in Ramsey Hall. Nancy's goal is to find out which girl is "The Black Cat".


I think this game was awesome and puzzling. I loved the idea of threatening notes being sent at a catty school for girls. There are texts, demerits, drama, gossip, and astonishing discoveries made in this game. This is one of the best games that I have ever played.

Once again, a jumbo 5 out of 5 stars...

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