Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aviary Birds

Today we went to the aviary; I love this macaw's colors!

This one puffed up when I started talking to him. I think he wanted me to leave.

I got a close-up of a bird named Conner. Salute, Conner!

Mr. Bird is trying to steal more than his share of food...
Watch out, aviary employees!

This is a weird bird that kept walking around. He wanted to be free, but didn't want to be touched. Or have his picture taken. He was surprisingly kind enough in this one.

This is the King Fischer. He made a cool honking noise.
Look here.

Sorry about what I said in the video. My mom told me about this bird but she read the sign wrong. The lorikeets were actually next door.

Cool penguin, huh? 

This is another picture of Conner. I snuck up on him.

A blue macaw.

In this picture, the macaws are cleaning each other.

Smile for the camera, it's time to shimmy down the runway!

We had lunch outside(I had nachos with some delicious hot cheese and spicy salsa.) While we frolicked in the park, we saw ducks and a seemingly taunting squirrel. 

I think this one looks really old.

On our way out, we saw Conner again.

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