Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby Birds

Today, me and my brother and my mother went to a bird breeder. There, we saw a few different types of baby birds. They were almost as adorable as a puppy!

I held a green baby Ringneck Parrot. It was feisty, but sooo cute! When the man first laid it in my hands, I thought it was going too bite me like it had been before, but it had really been just "checking me out!"

As I held the little bird and stroked it's soft feathers, my little brother tried to pet it, but he didn't know how to pet it, and started rubbing it too hard. That's when the bird escaped from my lap and hopped on the floor. It flapped its wings and squeaked and squawked.

All the birds were on a rack, like this.

I fed the little bird while my mother held it. I gave it raisins and apple bits. It was so funny how the bird kept trying to eat it; getting food stuck in its beak in the process!

The man put the parrot back on the rack, and he showed us a baby Senegal parrot, which was also adorable. While he showed us the Senegal, I moved toward the bird rack and slowly moved my hand toward the Ringneck babies. They both inched away from me in a rhythm. How funny! This video reminded me of them.

Anyway, behind us on a perch was a giant and beautiful large, white cockatoo named Rio. She was there for a claw sharpening. Even with sharp claws, the bird was so sweet! The man even cradled her in his arms! I was wearing a jacket, so the man perched Rio on my arm. She was not even that heavy (to me, at least).

We rented some magazines from the breeder's, and I'll be reading all about birds for the next few days!

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