Friday, June 8, 2012

The Tooth Chronicles 2

Everyone is aware that my teeth do not like to cooperate.  Last week I needed to see the dentist because my gums were hurting.  He told my mom that the bite plate needed to come out earlier because he could not see the problem. So I was happy the bite plate had to be removed.  

The bite plate had small particles of cheese potato chips left on it.
We went to the orthodontist. She removed it, and said it might have to be replaced after the problem was fixed, or I would have braces for sure. I don't want braces. My mother thinks don't brush long enough and the braces will stain my teeth if I don't brush well. Brushing is boring, I'd rather be reading or blogging.

After the bite plate was removed I had to learn to speak good without it. 

We went back to the dentist sooner because I developed this huge abscess filled with gross yellow pus on my gum right near the tooth that lost a filling one morning right after I woke up.  I noticed a small pebble in my mouth and spit it out in my mother's hand.  She said it was my filling.

I thought it was cool and kept it with my tooth collection. The dentist numbed my gum with Novocain and waited a few minutes then took out the hugest needle I have ever seen.  I was so scared that the needle would hurt my tender gums.

He said the shot wouldn't hurt because of the Novocain. Whenever adults say that it usually means it's still going to hurt. My little brother sat in the corner of the room with us watching Tom and Jerry on my mother's phone. 

The dentist then gave me shots in my gum and the roof of my mouth.  He left the needle there so long, he said the slower he gave the shot the better it worked. Imagine taking a shot at the doctors' for three minutes straight.

Afterwards, I couldn't feel my cheek, my nose or my mouth. My nose was really itchy, but no matter how much I scratched, I couldn't feel my fingers on my nose. The scratching just made my nose red, scratched, and buzzy (which was uncomfortable.

Then, he began to pull on the tooth and like that it was out. It didn't hurt. It just felt like he was maybe tugging on my wrist or something. The tooth had a decaying hole underneath it. As you can see, the hole is yellow-brown, and there is something brown in it. There are pink spots on it, too.

NEXT TIME ON THE TOOTH CHRONICLES: I'm going back to the orthodontist for a retainer, NOT a bite plate like the one up top. I'll keep you updated.

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