Saturday, March 17, 2012


March 16th, 2012

Today is my Birthday!  Yay!!!  This looks like a cake but it's really 30 cup cakes that my mother had made and she brought it up to my school for my class. The cupcakes were so good !!

Here is a puzzle for you. There will still be an end-of-the-month puzzle.

8:40 PM, March 16th 2012

I just went to a hibachi restaurant with my family! I loved it! I was born on a Friday and at 8:48 PM.

At the restaurant, a skilled chef performed a show for us while cooking our food. At the end they sang happy birthday to me and they gave me ice cream. Me and my family took a picture. It was fun.

8:48 PM, March 16th 2012


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