Friday, March 30, 2012

How To Eat Fried Worms

Blech. I read this book in second grade and enjoyed it immensely.

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Date Published: 1973
Author: Thomas Rockwell
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Age Group: 7-11 years.


A boy named Alan makes a bet with a boy named Billy - to eat worms. Risk - taker Billy has to eat fifteen worms in fifteen days. If Billy wins, he gets a hundred bucks to buy a used road bike. But worms aren't necessarily your most delectable food. So Billy, and his best friend Tom have to prepare the worms with ketchup, bread crumbs, etc. But when Billy fills his mom in on his little challenge, she turns "worms!" into "worms!" by combining them in different food and desserts. Whether it's sticking worms into jello or cooking worms in burgers, worms are what Billy must eat! But Alan and his best friend, Joe, are plotting. Waiting, and trying to make sure Billy doesn't reach his goal. Because Alan doesn't have that type of money. But Alan is knows Billy can't do it, or can he?

My Rating

I loved this book because of the funny characters. Billy is a "tough guy" who is often dared to do crazy things. When he accepts the challenge to eat worms, readers may think Billy has gone too far.

I'm just doing a review now because Christian Radio Kids didn't exist when I was in second grade!

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