Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3 New Monitors In One Day!

So my father got 3 new monitors yesterday. He is going to use them as one big screen. It's called infinity and he has four monitors now, including his work one, though he only has two computers. 
The whole point of the big monitor set-up was to be able to play games at high definition. His games are now huge! Now I got Daddy's old game monitor! It's huge! YEAH! 

This is dad's old monitor that he gave me. 

But anyway, everyone in my house has a computer except my little brother because he broke his. 

You see, when my Grandma was here last year, my mother, and little brother and Grandma went to a toy store while I was at school. They saw a toy tool set. My brother got it. Then, my Grandma said something that ruined the whole thing, "Now, deary, you can fix your computer!" Well, it sank into his head, and a few days later when I was in my room playing UNO with my Grandma, we heard banging sounds coming from my brother's room. We figured he was just banging toy screws from another tool set that I had as a baby. 

The banging grew louder. I walked into his room and jumped. His monitor was a blur of lines and colors! It was making strange sounds! A very expensive monitor gone, in only a few weeks worth! It was a computer my father had built for him, he built most of the computers in the house, but he is not going to build my brother another computer for a while.

Here is a picture of the three monitors together.  My little brother was playing this racing game. 

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