Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top 5 Gross List

Grossology Facts 
From Grossology And You,
By Sylvia Branzei 

5. Have you ever eaten blood? No? Are you sure? What about Blood Sausage. Or Blood Pudding, which is enjoyed by some people in Europe. It is sweetened and baked blood from a pig or cow. How about blood bread? It's bread soaked in blood, then fried and it's quite tasty.
Unless of course it's over fried. Then it's kind of like eating scabs. Eeeuuw!

4. Maggots Love Rotting Meat. Before there were antibiotics, Maggots were sometimes used to clean up pus-filled wounds. Munch, munch. All Clean! Warning rotting meat link is grossly gross but really interesting.

3. In 1793, a French girl was born with one eye in the center of her forehead. Her one eye worked just fine for fifteen years until sadly she died.

2.Most people pass gas or fart about 14 times a day. That's about 98 times a week.  And around 392 times a month.  A fart is gas escaping from your backside.  The gas comes from bacteria breaking down food in your intestine. Sometimes it isn't your tummy that you hear rumbling or gurgling. It's your intestines, and that sound is called borborygmi, a.k.a. gut opera.

1. Egyptian mummies in museums are all brainless. To help preserve the bodies, the brains were removed. Long hooks were used to pull the brains out through the nose.  

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  1. Have you ever tried that blood sausage and blood pudding? Sounds like vampire food.