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Book Reviews, By Priya 2#

Bonus Material
How to Make Cascarones

Confetti Girl, By Diana López

No Spoilers!! (This means I will not tell you anything that will spoil the book for you if you have not read it)>

Brief Summary 

Confetti Girl is about Apolonia "Lina" Flores, a sixth grader who loves sports, and socks and who lives in Texas.  Her mother died recently and her dad is a bibliophile, which is someone who loves books. The Flores' do not have a T.V., just a house full of books. 

Lina seems to have Mexican Heritage, as well as her best friend, Vanessa Cantu. I assume this because of many Mexican phrases and holidays that they celebrate, like the Day of The Dead, after Halloween. The holiday celebrates their dead ancestors. 

Vanessa's mother Mrs. Cantu, is obsessed with making Cascarones. 

and since Vanessa's mother is divorced, Vanessa has to hear a lot of her complaining.  Mrs. Cantu likes soap operas, and watches them when she's not turning her house into a Cascarone factory. She usually wears rags and doesn't have a job outside of the house, but she sells her Cascarones for money. 

Lina likes a boy named Luis, who has a speech problem and is considered a nerd at school. Lina likes him, and he likes her back. Lina is overly tall for her age, and a boy named Jason who absolutely despises her teases her about it, as well as Luis for his speech problem.  

Lina's friend Vanessa likes Carlos, and has been secretly dating him behind her mother's back. Lina feels Vanessa is using her just so she can go on a date with Carlos without Mrs. Cantu or Mr. Flores knowing. 

When Lina's English grades start to drop, she has to quit her volleyball team and catch up in class. Her English teacher assigns her to the school counselor, but that still doesn't help Lina get better. While being grounded by her father, Vanessa still manages to get her out of her grounding easier by having them go to the movies, and the girls know Lina's father wouldn't act mean in front of Vanessa's mother. 

One day, Mrs. Cantu falls down in the kitchen and breaks her leg. While in the hospital waiting room, Lina remembers the day her mother died, in that same hospital.  Lina goes to the bathroom and cries, thinking about her mother. Mrs. Cantu's broken leg has a cast on, but she was alive and well. 

Lina's dad helps her do things she can't do because of her cast, such as fetch her Avon order, get groceries, and even sometimes cook her dinner.

Vanessa gets tired of her mother complaining about her father and visits one of the dating websites. She finds a guy called Silver Fox, and since the profile picture is of a very handsome guy, Vanessa and Lina write poems, pretending to be from the "Silver Fox". But when she and Carlos go shopping for supplies for a project in Target, they see the same picture of the guy Vanessa saw on the website. She tells Lina that some nerd put a picture of a male model up as his profile picture.  But Mrs. Cantu seems more interested in Lina's dad.

Lina starts to worry that Mrs. Cantu and her dad might get married. They have been spending a lot of time together lately, and she even took him out for calamari! In the end, she really wanted him to be in a play at Lina's school. They all cracked eggs on each others heads. The whole house fluttered with confetti everywhere.

Okay guys, thanks for reading. Confetti Girl is one of the poll choices at the bottom of my blog so don't forget the vote!

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