Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kennywood/Chinese Food

We were out of town for a few days visiting my aunt, uncle and cousin and while there we had the chance to visit Kennywood with them. It was so much fun I went on many roller coasters, such as the Sky Rocket,

It was my fave!

The Phantom's Revenge was by far the worst. I didn't go on the Pittfall,

The Phantom's Revenge

The main video stops at 4:34.

I also loved the Thunderbolt.


The last roller coaster I went on was the Turtle.


I also loved the Volcano, a farris wheel gone wrong.


It's a bit long, so feel free to stop it at any time.

Another fast ride is the Bayern Curve.

I also went to Kiddieland, and saw something creepy.
This is Laffing Sal, the creepy laughing doll all around America.

I am not responsible for any screaming fits, tantrums, or panic attacks these pictures causes you.


These things are creepy.

Yay Kennywood! Hope to go again next year when we visit aunt Riya, uncle Arjun and my big cousin Seetha.

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