Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Funky Accessories.

  I love this new purse its so funky.  We went to the movies this weekend and got there so early we had a chance to shop for cloths.  I forgot about a Justice gift card for $25 I had from my last birthday party.  I used it to buy the purse with the J's on it. The pink purse we bought at Claire's last week.  It's so funky and cool I love it.  The lip gloss, pink nail polish and candy necklace are the finishing touches to a fabulous look.  

 Last week while my mother was looking for something else we walked past a shoe store that was having a huge shoe sale.  I got these Twinkle Toes by Skechers.  My mother picked out a pair of shoes for my little brother but he didn't like them and he had a bad tantrum right in the store. Everybody was looking.  He just kept screaming and crying.  I was so embarrassed.  His tantrum lasted until we got home.  My mother was so mad at him.  Sometimes he is such a big baby.  I can't believe he is five because he acts like he is two.  

Inside the shoe box was a Twinkle Toes & Friends comic book.


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