Sunday, July 17, 2011

True Jackson VP

True Jackson VP is a very funny show, with three main characters!

True, a girl who lands herself a job in a New York fashion design office with a very famous but fun boss, Max Madigan. Her office is very hip, with all sorts of colors. Lulu and Ryan are always breaking things or causing chaos in the office. She often cracks very odd stories about her family at very odd moments, often about her dad being a coward.

Lulu, a very smart girl who loves math with her boyfriend Mikey J, a worry wart. She gets distracted easily, once by blinds on True's office window. She is really silly, sometimes even clueless. Lulu likes to go to parties and have fun. She once bought part of a stock because the name sounded funny, and she made a lot of money, leaving Amanda Cantwell, a bossy employee who is True's main enemy, in distress

Ryan, is True's destructive friend who always says things that make him sound like he works there when he really doesn't, saying "Oscar take my calls."  (Oscar the receptionist) "You don't have any calls." "Answer my meetings." (Oscar the receptionist) "You don't go to meetings." When he's not breaking windows or tearing up furniture, he's trying to act cool and usually never is seen as cool.

I'll be back with more later! In the meantime, enjoy this True Jackson VP episode from Nickelodeon!

This episode is about the sophomores getting little buddy, Ryan with a little troublemaker who leads Ryan into detention and other mishaps, True with a quiet  girl who doesn't talk much, and Lulu with a grown woman who is going back to school, see 2:36.

Note: The actor who plays Nate (Ryan's little buddy) is also a antagonist in That's So Raven, often making Cory his victim. 

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